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Admired: Vicki Fulop from Brooklinen


vickiA few summers ago, Vicki Fulop was on vacation with her husband, Rich. They fell in love with the premium sheets at their hotel and wanted to buy a set to take home—only to discover they were $800. Whaaaat? She and Rich became intrigued: Why were nice sheets so outrageously expensive? They began looking into the bedding industry, finding that it was dominated by a few companies and an awful lot of middlemen. Motivated to change the story, they started their own company: Brooklinen, an online shop that sells luxury bed linens directly to consumers—at prices that normal people wearing normal pajamas can afford. The New York City-based business, which has a third cofounder, Dave Fortune, began as a Kickstarter campaign, easily raising $50,000.

brooklinen-sheetsBrooklinen circumvents traditional channels for the bedding industry, designs their products in-house, and eschews retail space, allowing them to sell their products much less expensively. And it’s paying off: They’re getting business model props from Fast Company and Fox Business, and nods from style temples like Vogue & Harper’s Bazaar. Vicki is the chief communications officer, helping Brooklinen bring its offering of simple, classy, and accessible home decor to the online space. We’re going to be using some of her fabulous sheets in an upcoming remodel (stay tuned!), but for now we asked her to dish a little on what’s happening in her bedroom.

Is your bedside reading paper or digital?


Favorite online shop (besides your own)?


Your bedroom vibe is?

Clean, minimalist, serene.

Smartphones in the bedroom—yay or nay?

Nay (but sometimes I cheat).

Describe your favorite night in?

Cook a delicious dinner and go on a Netflix binge.

Dogs on the bed— yes, or no?

Occasionally :).

Favorite source of online inspiration?

Tumblr and Instagram.

You unplug from technology by…

Getting outside; everything from wandering the city with friends to getting away for a weekend to hike, ski, surf, etc.

What’s your tip for a good night’s sleep while traveling?

Bring your favorite pillow, a sleep mask, and the same kind of candle you like to burn at home. You don’t even have to light the candle wherever you’re staying—it will still release its scent, just more subtly. It makes wherever you are staying smell a little bit like home, and the familiarity of that is very comforting and relaxing. I always bring our Brooklinen Basil Rosehip scented candle because that’s the one I keep on my nightstand.


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