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Admired: Erin Condren

Erin Condren

In my past life (you know, the one before kids), I was an art director. So my heart has soft spots for really good paper products design, whether it’s a killer indie magazine, elegant holiday cards, or a beautiful line of paper products like Erin Condren. Erin’s eponymous line of colorful notebooks, stationery, canvases, and LifePlanners bring cheer to desktops and kitchen counters everywhere… and less prone to life’s chaos.

Erin Condren

In this age of technology, Erin took a chance on paper, going on a hunch that women wanted a way to make their lives feel a bit more stylish and streamlined. She started her company in 2005 when she was a stay-at-home mom feeling a bit stir-crazy. Using the color sensibilities she’d developed working in the fashion industry, she designed a line of note cards, a decision that soon led to her running a company out of her kids’ playroom. Now her company ships thousands of packages all over the world, using two printing and shipping centers based in LA and Austin, Texas. Her line is also carried in Staples.

She’s not keeping her sights solely on paper goodies, though. The company recently introduced a line of larger, carryall clutches, and smartphone cases. Perfect for a girl like me, who sits firmly at the intersection of paper and pixels.

Erin Condren

In this digital world, why do you love paper?

I know some people consider paper products to be incredibly old-fashioned, but I’ve always loved the simple act of putting pen to paper. From handwritten thank you notes, to manually crossing off items on a to-do list, there is just something so much more personal about the act of writing it out.

Number of apps on your phone?


Favorite shopping website (besides your own, of course!)?

Love the personalization and gifts offered on Mark and Graham and my go-to fashion fix at the moment is Zara.

Best way to entertain kids using technology?

I’d have to say the Charades app because it encourages kids to look up and engage in family fun.

Tech trend we should watch?

Digital wallpapers. They make my phone feel brand new every week!

Favorite way to keep your phone charged?

My portable (metallic gold) Kate Spade charger helps me stay connected on the go (similar one here).

When you’re early to a meeting, how do you kill time?

Instagram. I love the creative inspiration in my feed and posting content that inspires others.


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