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Admired: Meredith Alexander

Meredith Alexander

Spend five minutes with Meredith Alexander from Milk & Bookies, and you’ll be inspired. And you’ll also have a craving for cookie ice cream.

It’s easy to take something like a bedtime story for granted, but there are plenty of families out there for whom buying a book is simply unaffordable. Enter Milk + Bookies, a nonprofit that gets thousands of books to families in need, and just as importantly, helps inspire young children to become philanthropists. The nonprofit hosts “book raisers,” at bookstores, birthday parties and schools, where kids donate a book, inscribe a message, and then enjoy milk, cookies and story time. And the genius “bookraiser in a box” gives kids (read: moms) everything they need to host a charity event with little effort, balloons and “I donated!” stickers and all.

Milk & Bookies

Meredith Alexander

Milk + Bookies is the brainchild of Meredith Alexander, who started the group in 2004 and is today the executive director. We asked her about some of the ways tech makes her life easier—and why kids make the best philanthropists.

Best app for a family? 

Apple’s Find My Friends app so I can track my teenager’s whereabouts, and for frivolous fun, my kids love to play with Teensy, making silly photos.

Food delivery service?

LA Bite; we use it daily at my office for lunch and bi-weekly at home for dinner.

Meredith Alexander

Favorite way to tune out other humans?

Pinterest. I also enjoy watching how-to videos on TWIG How-To.

Easiest way to send a gift?

McConnell’s Fine Ice Cream is the best ice cream and they’ll ship it anywhere using dry ice. My favorite flavor is the Sea Salt Cream & Cookies.

Why do kids make great philanthropists?

Kids have a huge capacity for empathy. Once they are exposed to the great need out in the world, and what they can do to make small changes, it’s magical to see the results.

Photos: Morgan Pansing, Gretchen Easton Photography & Milk + Bookies


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