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Admired: Ginny Cardenas of Scotch Naturals

Many nail polishes have toxic, scary ingredients. But Phoenix-based mom Ginny Cardenas wasn’t buying it.

Not willing to sacrifice health for beauty, she founded her company, Lila Natural Cosmetics in 2009. As CEO, she oversees the children’s non-toxic nail polish brand Hopscotch Kids. She’s also launched Scotch Naturals, a chic—and equally nature-based—line of non-toxic nail polish for grownups. Like the kids’ version, the adult polishes are pretty, and free of phthalates, parabens, toxins and mysterious, stinky smells. We asked this busy mom and entrepreneur how she uses tech to stay on top of a busy life.

Ginny Cardenas

Best app you use with your kids?

I’m always amazed how much my kids learn from YouTube videos, from learning to play an instrument, to hair and makeup tutorials, to baking a yummy dessert.

Favorite shopping website?

I love to support small businesses and am overwhelmed with people’s creativity on Etsy. My daughter Mary Kate just celebrated a birthday: The invites, decorations and fairy wands were all Etsy discoveries.

At work, you back up your data by?

We have an automatic back up on our network. (For at-home backups, try Carbonite).

Social media you use first to announce something big?

Because of how visual our product is, we are finding Instagram to be our best place to announce big news, followed by Facebook of course.

Phone recharger?

My kids are always “borrowing” mine, and my son who just started driving “borrowed” my car charger and I haven’t seen it since! I’m looking to purchase the Flex XT pocket charger.

Photos Courtesy of Ginny Cardenas

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