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Can You Instagram Intentionally?

instagram intentionally: Is social media bad for our health?

Lately it feels like I’ve developed an allergy to Instagram. Every time I log on, I feel anxious, and my eyes hurt from even a minimal amount of scrolling. I’m seeing more and more people I follow announcing “mental health breaks” they’re taking from Instagram and social media altogether, which makes me wonder… is social media bad for your health? Or can you use platforms like Instagram Intentionally?

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What’s CBD, and How I’m Using It

Dirty Lemon CBD

As recently as a year ago, if you asked a stranger in your spin class what “CBD” was, chances are, they would have had no idea what you were talking about. Now, it seems like it’s all anyone in the wellness world wants to discuss: Which tincture have you been putting under your tongue to de-stress? Have you tried a balm for muscle pain after long runs? Which cafe is serving the best CBD latte this week?

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7 of My Favorite Podcasts I Can’t Get Enough Of


It’s the question I can’t stop mulling over: Should I start a podcast? I have to admit, I’m very tempted. The content I’m listening to these days is so good—I love the idea of throwing my own voice into the mix to share a regular download about the things on my radar. My big question to you: If I started one, would you listen? And is there anything in particular you’d want to hear more from me about? I’m all ears. In the meantime, I thought I’d share the favorite podcasts I subscribe to—and love listening to the most right now.

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