2018 Resolutions: 9 Ways To Get More Sleep This Year

Get More Sleep

It would be nice if the holidays were 100 percent peace and joy, right? It’s January but I still feel like I’m coping with a holiday hangover— I should feel well-rested from all the time off, but I’m exhausted and depleted instead. Not the best way to start the new year. Holiday stressors (last-minute stocking stuffing, making hundreds of latkes, blowing the gift budget yet again) can lead to sleepless nights, and I’ve had more than my share lately.

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2018 Resolutions: Why (and How) I’m Drinking Less Caffeine This Year


Good news: Despite what you might have heard, all of the most current research points to the fact that drinking coffee is actually good for you. (Yay!) 

But wait, because here’s where it gets confusing: While a cup of joe (or two) a day can provide health-boosting antioxidants, there are still lots of reasons to cut back on caffeine consumption. And as I kick off 2018, I’m thinking many of them apply to me.

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Artificial Intelligence Is Changing Our Lives In More Ways Than You Think

Artificial Intelligence

Our family has spent a few months living with Amazon’s Alexa first, and now Google Assistant. Each has their strengths and weaknesses, and both give us lots of “I’m sorry, I don’t know how to do that,” messages when we ask them any manner of questions. In other words, they’re far from perfect, and they often end up being the butt of a joke or the recipient of a swearing jag.

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On the Today Show: 6 Apps That Will Change Your Life

Apps that will change your life: Today Show

I popped by to see my two favorite ladies at the Today Show, tasked with bringing them some “apps that will change your life” (no pressure!). So I rounded up a few that have caught my eye lately — including one that’s topping the paid app charts in the app store — to share with Kathie Lee, Hoda and all of you. As we cruise into 2018, you might want to download one or two of these:

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Eat + Entertain / Work + Travel

3 Restaurant Reservation Apps That Make It Easy To Dine On Vacation

Restaurant Reservation Apps

When you’re on vacation — whether it’s to visit the in-laws or on a tropical island — it’s not always easy to find a reputable place to eat. You’re out of your element, and your favorite go-tos are nowhere in sight. Even if you do find a great restaurant, it’s likely that everyone else on the island has made reservations already, and they don’t have a table to seat you at. Throw in dietary restrictions or picky food preferences, and it might feel like take-out pizza is your only option.

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