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Meet the design platform that wants to give your yard a glow up

I’ve always taken a lot of pleasure in tending to my backyard and garden—and I know so many of us have, especially during the past couple of years when home become our main place of solace in a world turned upside down by a global pandemic. Something I’ve learned through years of attention given to my yard? Thoughtful landscaping matters. And if you can get a professional to think about your yard? All the better.

Truly, I am a bit hopeless with keeping plants alive. I keep trying to learn what each one needs, but never really retain anything helpful. That and the scorching temperatures in my part of Los Angeles can fry my best attempts at greenery. Tech helps— Ive had some success with Lettuce Grow and anything else that self-irrigates, but I’ve mostly just gravitated to landscaping that doesn’t require a whole lot from me.

In other words, Yardzen could help me immensely. It’s a relatively new landscape design platform that will help you design (or redesign) your outdoor space, all online. To get started, simply choose from one of their packages—which are available at a range of prices starting at $649—and you’ll be matched with a landscape design team that will customize a plan, based not only on your personal style, but on yard conditions too, to help you build the backyard of your dreams.

We’re talking horticulturalists, construction experts and more. Basically, you’re getting a full team—and, they promise, a good amount of handholding—as you map out your space using photos and video, plant science, a proprietary style quiz and more to get your preferences right. Also included: one full round of revisions. Then, Yardzen will help you build out a budget before matching you with a trusted (read: vetted, licensed and insured) pro to bring your outdoor vision to life.

I also love Yardzen’s commitment to sustainability, especially here in Los Angeles where water is scarce. Their experts will help you learn how to create a low-water yard or understand why a rain catchment system can be better than traditional sod, all small steps that have the potential to make a big environmental impact.

Bottom line: If you’re looking for a satisfying before and after moment, a makeover for your outdoor space just ahead of the summer entertaining season, why not give this a whirl? If you do, please ping me the finished look — would love to see!

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