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Back at the Today Show with Back to School Tech

Back in the mix at the Today Show and it feels so good! Loved being reunited with my Studio 1A family and getting be in studio again, with some back to school tech that will make getting the kids out of summer mode a little easier. Hope you love all the things I brought with me!

Click here to watch the segment!

Pinwheel Slim: The Healthy Kids Smartphone

Parents are concerned about kids and cellphones these days, with targeted ads, social media, and the perils of a web browser they can put in their pocket. But they still want ways to connect with them: If practice is running late, when they start walking home, and more. And while abstinence is a tempting approach, it’s rough for kids to be alone on their island without ways to connect to their classmates. The Pinwheel Slim smartphone solves for this predicament: It’s phone that lets you stay connected with none of the trouble: No web browser, no ads, no games, no social media. You CAN add apps, however, that are curated by psychologists and experts that aren’t addictive, inspire creation and are generally wellness oriented. EVERYTHING is managed by the parents through an app on their phone, and parents can gradually loosen the parental controls as they get older: That means you keep the same phone throughout middle and upper school, but can change the permissions and parental controls as they earn more independence. Works with all major carriers too. $199 + $14.99/month 

Belkin Soundform Nano Earbuds for Kids

The Soundform Nano earbuds from Belkin are designed especially for little ears, with tiny ear tips so they stay comfy, and a volume limiter to keep their ears safe from loud noises. 5 hours of non-stop playtime and 19 hours of battery life in the case mean they’ll be good to go for the day, and they have a great microphone so they can speak up in class or take a call. Plus such fun colors, too. $49.99

Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3

Once summer is over kids start to SIT a lot more… at school, doing homework, and playing video games on the weekends. If you want to make sure they’re moving but make it fun, you might want to employ the Garmin Vivofit Jr. 3. Swim proof and very durable, in a range of adorable colors, it tracks their steps, activity, and you can set up challenges to do in the family, or with friends. You can also assign chores and they can check them off as they do them, and parents can monitor it all from an app on their phone. $89

EyeJust blue light blocking screen protectors

I think we all know by now that the blue light emanating from our devices can really impact our health… it makes it tougher to fall asleep, and can cause eye dryness, redness and general strain. The EyeJust blue light blocking screen protectors— they make them for your laptop, tablet, phone, video game controllers and more— protect your kids from harmful blue light, and they’ve been tested by doctors & scientists who say they really work. They’re shatter and impactproof too, for kids who are forever dropping their phones. $35-42

Philips One Battery Toothbrush

Mornings before school get pretty hectic, but your dentist wants your kids to be brushing for 2 solid minutes. The Philips One toothbrush will cue your kids when they’re done brushing their teeth with little vibrations. Plus you can get a subscription that sends you a new head every 3 months so their bristles don’t get mangey. It even comes with a cute case for germ-free sleepover trips. $25 + $5 every 3 months for new brushheads

QiMH Sunrise Alarm Clock from

Did you know that a teenager’s circadian rhythms make it biologically difficult for them to wake up early in the morning? That morning sullen glare is actually rooted in science! The QiMH Sunrise alarm clock might help them get up on the right side of the bed, because it wakes them up gently with natural light. Surprisingly effective for even heavy sleepers… you can use their own music or natural sounds to wake you too, but it’s the sunrise simulation that helps stimulate your brain into morning mode. It also has fun colored lights, for after school vibes. $39.99

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