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On KTLA: Tech to reduce strain and injury from too much screentime

Back with my friends at KTLA News Los Angeles this morning to talk about tech that can help you do your work without strain, pain or injury. I brought everything from a gadget that corrects your posture, to beauty products that protect you from blue light exposure (you know blue light causes wrinkles, right?), to ergonomic screens to keep your neck and eyes more relaxed.

Here are the links!

Logitech Lift Mouse for Mac $69

Logitech MX Vertical Mouse $99

Logitech K860 Keyboard $129.99

Twelve South Curve Flex $79.99

Espresso Display 13 Touch and 15 Touch $439

Upright Go 2 Posture Corrector Trainer $49.99

Coola Organic Sun Silk Drops $46

Ilia Blue Light Mist $38

Samsung M8 Monitor with Eye Saver technology $699

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