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5 Beauty Products That Fight Tech Damage

It goes without saying that we spend a lot of time with our devices. Not just our smartphone, but our laptop, tablets and more. All are increasingly intrinsic to our day-to-day workload, but also to our kids lives (ugh, Fortnite), which is why it’s more important than ever to be aware of any potential risks. Case in point: blue light tech damage and EMFs.

Blue light (or HEV—high energy visible light) is the light that your mobile devices emit (hence, that blue glow that makes you look oh, so attractive).  For a long time, it’s been known to impact our sleep, our concentration and our vision among other things. But according to a slew of major beauty brands, blue light also impacts our skin. Namely, it causes us to age a bit faster, a condition that’s being coined “Screen Face” since it’s brought on by digital gadgets. Doesn’t sound pretty.

In addition, EMFs (electromagnetic fields) are also something garnering concern, although this invisible form of energy is found in more than just the devices we carry. EMFs are both natural and unnatural—some are inherent in the environment (like lightning) and others are manmade (like power lines, appliances and microwave ovens).

So I’m not exactly panicking, but I am concerned. So far, no research confirms health risks caused by EMFs or blue light damage. But remember: There was a point when we all slathered on Ban de Soleil and went outside without hats and rashguards. It doesn’t hurt to be mindful of potential risks while the research catches up, especially since I spend more time with my phone than I ever did suntanning. If this batch of beauty products claims to combat the risk of EMF and blue light damage, it might be worth looking into.

Murad City Skin Age Defense Broad Spectrum SPF 50

This ultra-light, mineral-based sunscreen ($65) not only protects against UVA and UVB rays, it shields your skin from blue light damage from devices and infrared radiation. How? The advanced polymer matrix actually inhibits environmental toxins from adhering to your skin. Bright idea.

Buy it here

Pursoma Digital Detox Bath

A ritual you’ll want to start immediately, this all-natural sleep aid from wellness brand Pursoma ($34) claims to help fight “wired and tired” syndrome, washing away the tension and stress caused by too much exposure to tech during the day. Active ingredients include French Grey Sea Salt and French Green Clay, both of which draw out and eliminate toxins.

Buy it here

 Dr. Sebagh’s Supreme Day Cream

This moisturizer ($220)— made with Shea Butter, Rosehip Oil and apple and watermelon extracts—is designed to protect against light emitted by laptops, tablets, cell phones and LEDs thanks to a form of melanin that shields against HEVs and environmental aggressors. You may have to take out a mortgage on your house to pay for it, however. I’d rather just spend less time on my devices.

Buy it here

Make Moonlight Primer

This gel-based (and silicone-free) cream ($55) is meant to be applied before makeup to help moisturize and prime your skin and protect against a technology-driven life. (Specifically, the harmful effects caused by the artificial light from tablets, smartphones and laptops.)

Buy it here

Sunday Riley C.E.O.

This hydrating moisturizer ($65) infuses skin with a potent, advanced vitamin C to fight visible signs of aging caused by environmental stress and pollution-induced damage. It feels bright and tingly— love when you know it’s working.

Buy it here



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