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Can this bath get rid of EMF toxins?

pursoma digital detox bath: electromagnetic radiation

I’m in my bathrobe, happy-sweaty, relaxed and ready for bed. And I’m not even tempted to check my smartphone one last time.

How did I arrive at this zen state? I just took a swim in Pursoma’s Digital Detox Bath ($34): A raw, vegan bath treatment that claims to relieve stress and muscle tension, improve your mental clarity, and absorb the built up toxins from EMFs that radiate from your smartphone or computer. Those are some big promises. While I loved my bath (I never met a bath I didn’t like, mind you) do I feel like all that toxicity and stress went down the drain? Hard to say. I know it felt good to imagine the montmorillonite clay absorbing toxic gunk and tightening my pores, and the french grey sea salt improving circulation and de-stressing me. Before I hit the tub, I resolved to turn off my phone for the rest of the night and leave it charging in the kitchen. I also drank a lot of water before and after the bath, so all in all, it looks like this miracle mud inspired a self-imposed mini retreat. That’s quite a feat in itself.

Verdict? Whether the Pursoma Digital Detox bath really counteracts damage from my devices or not, this bath made me slow down, bliss out, and sleep well, so I’m going back for more.


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