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Kick your phone out of bed and use these gorgeous alarm clocks instead

best alarm clock

It’s a bad habit that made its way to our bedside approximately ten years ago with the arrival of the first iPhone: Replacing our everyday (and single-purpose) alarm clock with our multi-tasking smartphone.

It made perfect sense at the time. One single device to accept phone calls, check email and receive a gentle (ringtone-like) alert when it was time to spring out of bed? Not to mention that alarm clocks are hard to adjust and set— the phone was so much easier.

Fast forward to now when we’re so dependent on our phone that the notifications (and constant beam of blue light) is not only affecting the quality of our shuteye, it’s altering our melatonin production and circadian rhythm. Yikes.

The solution? A return to the good old-fashioned alarm clock we used to know and love. But here’s the fun part: Alarm clocks have undergone a makeover since we last placed them on our nightstand. Here, four to consider investing in now.

best alarm clock


This fully funded Indiegogo alarm clock is sleek, modern and—here’s the kicker—operates completely independent from your smartphone. As soon as I saw it, I backed it, and I can’t wait to get mine (it’s currently in the prototype stage).

Sure, its main purpose is to tell you the time, but it also comes with a few additional bells and whistles to help you maximize the quality of your shuteye. For example: The Circa includes a sensor that gets placed underneath your mattress that helps you wake at the exact right moment in your sleep. It also includes the option to turn on white noise, activate breathing exercises to help you wind down and sync with your Spotify account so you can nod off to a bedtime playlist if you want. But that’s not all. One of my favorite features is the actual display, which uses an AMOLED ambient light sensor that results in less output during the night. (Come on, there’s nothing worse than those too-bright numbers keeping you up.) Bonus: There aren’t any cameras or microphones (or email and text notifications) to disrupt the quality of your zzz’s.

Pre-Order it Here

best alarm clock

Tivoli Audio Albergo Bluetooth Clock Radio

Simplicity is the name of the game with this sleek bedside alarm clock from Tivoli. It comes with dual alarms, a sleep timer and Bluetooth functionality so you can tap into external speakers and more. You’ll love the crisp sound quality—which crescendos the longer you ignore it—and easy-to-read digital display. Plus, you can really throw it back by listening to the actual radio via the AM/FM options accessible via the device.

Buy it here

best alarm clock

Newgate Brass Knocker Alarm Clock

Just because you want something functional doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice design. This vintage-inspired alarm clock—available in a range of colors—features beautiful brass details along with the real hammer and bell of a traditional alarm… and that’s it. No additional apps or Bluetooth functionality, just a pretty clock with a singular purpose: Cueing you that it’s time to get up.

Buy it here best alarm clock

Capello Digital Alarm Clock

Is it a clock…or not? The wood display on this subtle alarm clock makes it tough to tell, a design detail that makes it different—and slightly more Zen—than a traditional bedside clock. The features are basic: The Capello has a digital clock (complete with a dimmer switch to adjust the brightness) and comes with a dual alarm to accommodate more than one wake-up time. That’s it— and it’s also really all you need.

Buy it here

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