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Lose an hour, gain a beautiful alarm clock

While I’m still mourning the loss of the precious hour of sleep I lost yesterday when we sprung forward, I thought I’d revisit a topic I feel passionate about— keeping phones out of the bedroom and using an old school alarm clock instead. I’m on the hunt for a beautiful alarm clock.

I’ve contemplated whether phones belong in the bedroom, and experimented with removing my phone from the bedroom and had fabulous results. But my biggest stumbling block to making this work permanently has been the lack of good options out there for an alarm clock that’s as easy to program as my phone and looks lovely on my table. Most alarm clock options today also have phone chargers and Bluetooth speakers in them, with a size and bulkiness to match. Where are the sleek, décor-friendly choices? I decided to go on a hunt, and I just may replace the ancient one on my bedside table with one of my new finds.



Bird Alarm Clock: Put a bird on it! This alarm can be set to a ho-hum beep, or to birds that chirp you awake! It’s got a calendar function as well as telling time, but the screen is on the back so you can turn it around and just see a cute bird before you nod off (I’m a big fan of NOT seeing the time at all hours of the night… it messes with my head).


Tivoli Albergo

Tivoli Audio Albergo: This alarm clock has a classic, simple look, with all the amenities you’d expect from a modern alarm clock— Bluetooth speaker,  easy controls, and the range of colors and “cabinets” you can add to it makes it workable with any décor.



Geneva Sound System Model M Wireless: Okay, I wish this one was a bit smaller, but if you want your morning alarm to go WHOMP, this is the speaker system to do it.


Hito LED wood alarm clock

Hito Wood Grain LED Alarm Clock: I love how this minimal brick of wood can be controlled by a clap or a tap to display the time through glowing LED numbers. The rest of the time it’s a simple objet that doesn’t detract from the space.


Muse Clock

Muse Clock: This clock is meant to make you see time in a different way. Not sure how well I’d read this at 2AM, but it would be a show stopping addition to a stylish bedroom.


Soundfreaq Soundrise

Soundfreaq Soundrise: One of my longtime favorites, this alarm clock is simple to use, looks great (in this color, and black) and charges your phone while you sleep (though I’d like to park mine in the bathroom so I don’t go near it at night).



Verbarius Alarm Clock: I adore this— the first clock that tells time the way people do, in up to five languages. Simple controls on the side make it as easy to use as it is to read.


Model Three Tivoli

Tivoli Audio Model 3 Classic Clock Radio in Walnut: Another beautiful Tivoli timepiece, this time with an analog clock and a beautiful furniture-grade wood cabinet.


Trackers like Jawbone UpJawbone Up: Many fitness trackers, like the Jawbone Up, allow you to set a vibrating alarm to wake you up in the morning. Advantage— no need to jolt your partner awake if it’s their day to sleep in.






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