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11 Apps That Can Help You With Spring Cleaning Your Home

About this time of year, I start getting the itch— to toss everything in drawers that no one ever opens, to weed out the dead weight in my closet, and to scrub every imaginable surface in my home. Perhaps it’s all the smog outside, but I’m hell-bent on spring cleaning everything inside my home. The […]

spring cleaning your home

About this time of year, I start getting the itch— to toss everything in drawers that no one ever opens, to weed out the dead weight in my closet, and to scrub every imaginable surface in my home. Perhaps it’s all the smog outside, but I’m hell-bent on spring cleaning everything inside my home.

The following 11 apps can help you out— they have helped me reclaim my personal space and get a grip on clutter (and mess) that creeps in when you’re not looking. And since spring is the ultimate opportunity to start fresh and clean house, it was important to me to be thoughtful about how I re-purpose—or pass on—the stuff that no longer brings me joy at home. Thank you pink bandana that I bought after seeing it on an influencer… I appreciate your service and wish you well.(LYMI, Marie Kondo.)

For clothes in good shape: ThredUp

Anyone embarking on a closet cleanse can attest: Aside from the piles of “keep” “donate” and “toss,” there’s always the question of what to do with high quality items that are trash (so to speak), but have the potential to be someone else’s—stylish—treasure. ThredUp’s mission is to save the planet by reducing fashion waste. To do this, they make it a cinch to painlessly list items from reputable, resalable brands in your closet (think J. Crew, Madewell, Gap, even your Lululemons) that you’ve loved but are ready to send to the next loving home. Upon receipt, they’ll inspect, photograph and list your items helping you earn either cash or credits you can use on the site.

Download the app

For fashion and couture that’s lying around: Poshmark

This app provides another opportunity to resell your fashion cast-offs, but there’s a difference: With Poshmark, you list the items your re-selling yourself (Poshmark takes a 20 percent cut). Having full control is nice, plus the ease of using the app makes it a seamless process to snap a pic of the item you’re hoping to re-sell and set your price. Another benefit of Poshmark? You’ll find more special brand-name pieces (I’m thinking of selling some Isabel Marant pieces and a couple pairs of Vince pants I no longer want).

Download the app

Spring Cleaning
Spring Cleaning

For old school media: Decluttr

Before there was streaming, there were DVDs. (RIP, box set of Friends… it’s all available online now.) Decluttr helps you get rid of old CDs, DVDs, games, even that old Kindle that takes up precious drawer or shelf space. Just scan the barcode on your item to get an instant price, then mail your stuff away. Spring cleaning by mail: Genius. Upon receipt, Decluttr will pay you via PayPal, direct deposit or check.

Download the app

For the big stuff: Makespace

Think of it as a storage solution of the future: MakeSpace does all the heavy lifting for you when it comes to picking up—and hauling away—items in your home that you’d like to get rid of, or ones that you want to store. Use the app to schedule pickups and deliveries, but also to keep tabs on your stored items via a photo catalog of your stuff. Oh! And it costs less than traditional storage facilities. (FYI, right now MakeSpace is only available in NYC, Chicago, Los Angeles and Washington, D.C.)

Download the app

For major home sprucing: HomeAdvisor

Now that you’ve purged, you’ve got a few items—like that guest room A/C unit—that could use a bit of a tune-up. HomeAdvisor makes is a breeze to connect with local home improvement professionals that have all been pre-vetted and approved. The app allows you to compare/contrast your options, read real customer reviews, view pricing and—the best part—schedule your appointment in a few taps. Even more useful, services range from plumbing emergencies to additions and remodels. I used the service to get my dryer vent cleaned and am now having the same company back to clean my air ducts… I’m on a spring cleaning roll!

Download the app

For smaller home projects: Handy

Think of this app as Home Advisor’s small-fry little sister. Handy is perfect for light cleaning projects and handyman work, not to mention furniture assembly (mounting one TV? hanging a gallery wall? Handy has your perfect go-to handyman. And just like Home Advisor, the professionals you are accessing are all experienced, friendly, insured… and background checked.

Download the app

spring cleaning

For your beauty products: Think Dirty

All hail the push toward more clean beauty products—but for all the ones with toxic ingredients still lurking in your bathroom cabinet, there’s an app for that. Think Dirty helps you take a hard look at the ingredients in your cosmetics by scanning their barcode and assigning a “Dirty Meter” rating so you know exactly what you need to purge and replace. (And yes, you can shop for good-for-you replacement brands directly inside the app.)

Download the app

For “stuff” you need to clear out: Letgo

Letgo is a virtual flea market of sorts makes it possible to quickly get rid of things you don’t need and find homes for them locally. Posting items you want to part with—say, an old ukulele or a small nightstand (I’ve sold both on this platform)—is as effortless as snapping a photo. From there, you can fine-tuning your listing or just let it rip as is. Letgo also uses technology that automatically titles and categorizes your listing to help save you time— a nice touch.

Download the app

For stylish home furnishings: Chairish

Your mid-century modern dining room table—which is in mint condition, but you no longer love—has felt like an eyesore ever since you remodeled the space (thanks, Home Advisor!). Chairish is a highly-curated marketplace that allows you to sell one-of-a-kind pieces and communicate directly with bidders to get the best price for your item. There’s no listing fee, but they will take a commission when your Turkish kilim rug, still life watercolor or vintage Scandi chair sells. Once you list your item, it’s tough resist exploring for something new (ish)— use the “view in your space” feature to see exactly what an item will look like in your space before you invest.

Download the app

For stocking your pantry: Boxed

There’s no greater feeling than a cleaned out (and re-organized) pantry. Now, that you’ve done the dirty work, it’s the perfect time to restock. Boxed has big box store provisions bulk items and large quantity packages— except these come direct to your door via the mail.

Download the app

For organizing instruction manuals: Centriq

During your spring cleanout, you most likely came across a slew of old manuals—and warranties—to products you forgot existed, let alone you once owned. Centriq is the minimalist solution to all that: Simply snap a pic of a product label and from that photo, this app will identify the product and fetch the user manual, troubleshooting guides, how-to videos and more. Basically, everything you need to get the most out of the appliances and electronics you own.

Download the app

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