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It’s 2021, and my vacuum cleaner is my most important relationship.

Dyson Outsize V11 Stick Vacuum

It’s 2021. We’re coming up on a year of lockdown. Nothing is as is once was, and nothing feels normal. This was meant to be a post about all the ways I’ve been cleaning my home while in lockdown, but I’ve decided instead to dedicate it to a new love in my life:

The best stick vacuum I’ve ever had.

I have never given my vacuum this much thought and attention, but without a housekeeper on the horizon and with so many people (and one large dog) in my house at all times, I’ve never needed more support from a cleaning appliances as I do now. It’s 2021 and I’ve decided that my stick vacuum is my most important relationship. Judge me if you like.

Dyson Outsize V11 Stick Vacuum

The Dyson Outsize V11 cordless stick vacuum came to me after I reached out to Dyson and asked them what’s new in the world of vacuuming. I had become annoyed with lugging my upright up and down the stairs (not to mention how cumbersome it is to vacuum the stairs themselves), and wanted to see what was new in their world. So they suggested I try the Outsize V11— their newest model. I figured it would be like other stick vacuums I have tried, but said I’d be happy to give it a whirl. We haven’t had a housekeeper since March, so I’m all for anything that makes housework a little easier or more interesting.

Outsize V11 Stick Vacuum


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Outsize V11 Stick Vacuum

As soon as I unwrapped the Outsize, I knew I had underestimated it. And that was confirmed when I took it for its first spin. Like all Dyson vacuums, it’s an investment at $799, to be sure. That’s in a price category that is tough for most right now. But like any other Dyson I have owned, it is built with a a quality and attention to detail that make cleaning house easier on your body and your schedule. I’m all about investing in products that do that.

With more people at home more often, I’ve got more foot traffic, more dog hair, more dust and more crumbs to contend with than ever before. And with no housekeeping help in sight, it’s up to me to keep things clean. If you find yourself vacuuming the same areas over and over and not winning the dirt battle, or if you have a stick vacuum that doesn’t make it around your larger family home without konking out, read on about my favorite features of my new life partner/cleaning device.

Dyson Outsize V11 Stick Vacuum

Best of both worlds

The Dyson Outsize is a Frankenstein in the best possible way. It has the powerful motor, tank and full-size cleaner head of an upright, with the portability and cord-free ease of a stick vacuum. In fact, the tank is 150% larger than my other stick vacuum, and the head size is 25% larger. So I’m covering more ground with less swipes and have to empty the bin less frequently.

Double the power

I love my older stick vacuums from Dyson, but they don’t last long, at all. With this one, you get double the run time, thanks to the included second battery. Each one runs about 60 minutes on “Eco” mode (less on “Medium/Auto” mode and less still on “Boost” mode). The Eco mode is great for light messes, Auto is perfect for mixed floors, and Boost is great when you have a lot to suck up.

It comes with two charging cords as well, so both batteries can be charged up at all times and ready to go when you need them. There’s nothing worse than getting motivated to clean the house, only to have your vacuum die on you halfway through. Now, I can keep an eye on battery life, thanks to…

Display for the win!

Hallelujah! This stick vacuum has a countdown display that lets me keep track of exactly how much time is left on the battery, and shows me how changing modes will alter the run time. To me, this THE killer feature of the vacuum! No more dead battery surprises! It will also report any maintenance alerts too.

A smart head

When you’re in “Auto” mode, the cleaning head will sense when your’e on carpet and boost the cleaning power to get deep between the fibers. When you’re back on a hard floor, it will downshift automatically. So all you have to do is vacuum, and it does the thinking.

All the tools

As always, the Outsize comes with a range of tools to help you get to hard-to-reach places, or really scrub your upholstery. It also comes with a “storage clip” so you can snap one tool to the stick and have it on-board as you move around the house.

The suction is Dyson-level awesome

The new Dyson Hyperdymium™ motor, the Radial Root Cyclone technology, the In-Line Configuration… it’s all Dyson speak for the most powerful suck. You don’t have to know all the lingo to know it doesn’t disappoint.

The support is amazing

During quarantine, I’ve had to repair two of my older Dyson vacuums, one that was under warranty and one that wasn’t. I dealt with some helpful support people on the phone, and both experiences were easy, and the turnaround was fast… not a common occurrence these days!

Thank you to Dyson for sending the Outsize V11 for testing. As always, all thoughts are my own, and I will always disclose gifts and sponsorships so you know what’s up.

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