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After CES: A Tech-Free Checklist

Tech-free activities

I’m taking the day to recover from CES, where I saw more gadgets than my brain knows what to do with. I’m already working on a round-up of some of the best things I saw (I’ll have that for you next week!) but today, I wanted to bring your attention to this article that I wrote for Mindbodygreen (yes, i’m writing for them now thanks to my friend, Dana— and I couldn’t be happier!)

The article is all about tech-free ways to nourish yourself. Yes, the timing of this article couldn’t be better— I’m going to follow my own advice and have a (mostly) tech-free day, so I can process everything I’ve seen, and roll into the weekend feeling refreshed and happy to dive back into work.

If you’re like me, you love what you do… and what you do involves staring at a screen for long periods of time. So while doing a downward dog on the beach and spending your live staring out a window drinking a matcha latte sounds nice, it’s just not a reality for many of us whose digital devices are integral to our work. But that doesn’t mean that we have to succumb to the eye strain, the wrist soreness, and the low-level anxiety that comes from constant digital attachment. We can find ways to extricate ourselves, and find some respite away from screens for an hour, an afternoon, a day… you get the idea.

I’m feeling a little over-stimulated, so I’m taking today to recharge (pardon the pun). To read all my ideas (and maybe try a few?) click here.

Tech-free activities Tech-free activities



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