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Too Cool: Serta iComfort Memory Foam Mattress

This blog post is sponsored by Mattress Firm. As always, all opinions are my own. 

On more than a few mornings lately, I’ve been waking up too early— uncomfortable and stiff— and then lying on the floor until my alarm clock goes off. Not a ringing endorsement for my old mattress, which we had for longer than the recommended time to keep one, it turns out. I had been passing off my discomfort as too much time in the car, or lots of sitting on bleachers at basketball practice, or all that late night writing I’m doing in bed (PSA: #yourbedisnotanoffice) but I finally had to concede that my mattress might be the problem.

Mattress Firm knows a thing or two about helping people replace their mattress with something new, cutting edge, and tailored to their comfort needs. So, when they asked me to help them with a super-secret mattress launch this week, it was perfect timing. I filled out a comfort survey and told them my sleeping preferences and ailments, and they matched me with one of their new mattresses that I can finally tell you about.

The big announcement? The Serta iComfort Memory Foam Collection with TempActiv™ Technology will now be available at Mattress Firm. You can watch today’s event livestream here, including a keynote from a VERY special guest… Steve Wozniak!

The other big announcement? After sleeping on a coil mattress for my entire life, I now love my new foam mattress, thanks to some high-tech advancements inside. Read on to know what’s got me feeling cooler than the other side of the pillow.

Memory Foam Mattress: Mattress Firm Serta iComfort

Memory Foam Mattress: Mattress Firm Serta iComfort

First Impressions

When the new mattress arrived at my front door, it definitely didn’t look like my old mattress— it has bold, clean lines, and handsome navy stripes (a shame to cover up with sheets). At first glance, I was concerned that it might be too firm, since it didn’t have a poofy pillow-top like my old mattress, but all that concern disappeared when I laid down for the first time.

My first reactions:

  • It was MUCH softer than it looked, even without the pillow top.
  • The mattress felt cooler than it should, given the room temperature, and it stayed cool to the touch while I laid on it.
  • All my body’s edges and curves were supported. I sank in, but felt held (apologies if this is starting to sound like a scene from Fifty Shades of Grey).
  • When I got up (which I did against my will) it returned to its original shape within seconds.

Temperature and Sleep

Last week, we talked about how something as simple as a too-warm room can impact your ability to fall asleep at night. According to the National Sleep Foundation, there is a direct connection with the temperature in your room and the quality of your sleep. Your body temperature lowers when it’s time for bed, and a lower room temperature can help you settle in more easily (conversely, warmer temperatures can cue your body to stay awake longer). Think like a caveman here: We’re genetically wired to sleep when the sun sets and our cave temperature dips. Not only can a lower temperature affect our ability to fall asleep, but it can also affect the quality of our REM sleep, the restorative stage of sleep responsible for memory retention and cellular regeneration.

Memory Foam Mattress: Mattress Firm Serta iComfort

Memory Foam Mattress: Mattress Firm Serta iComfort

Sleeping on it 

The Serta iComfort’s TempActiv™ Memory foam and TempActiv™ Fabric work together to keep you as cool as a cucumber by diverting body heat away from you while you sleep, and remaining cool to the touch. They didn’t disappoint during my first few nights on the new mattress. I felt comfortable and never overheated, which is new for me because I always layer up in warm pajamas (sometimes lightweight sweat suits— sexy, I know) when I sleep to stay warm. I still dressed warm (especially since I’m experimenting with lower room temperatures) but didn’t feel the heat build-up under my covers like I usually do.  That old poofy pillow top? It was a heat magnet. My temperature was much more regulated without it.

The other main observation— it was supportive and comfortable. Coil mattress are what I know so I just thought I’d never really be “in” to foam, but I can feel the difference, and it’s been great for my back. Multiple layers of foam all work in concert to support my body at different depths, and the “cushion firm” style (the comfort profile I was matched to, based on my preferences and sleep style) turned out to be perfect for my side-sleeping self. Lastly, the husband, who is skeptical of everything (and didn’t want to move our old mattress out of the bedroom initially) has finally taken it downstairs to the garage and said his goodbyes.

Final Thoughts

I am a bed dweller. Some people aren’t— they like to watch movies or TV in the family room, and then retire to bed. I have never been one of those people, preferring to cuddle in bed with my kids at the end of the night, and watch late night shows or rainy day movies while recumbent. I also get back into bed when my children leave school, tea in hand, to catch up on the news or read a bit. Also, as I mentioned, I work more than I should propped up on my pillows. So, my bed is a very important space that has to be supportive of sitting, cuddling, working, and… oh yeah, sleeping.

My new mattress is a keeper— it’s scoring high marks in all the above categories, and I love that it’s using #TechtoPowerOff, which helps me unplug, recharge, and get ready to face tomorrow.

Given how important good quality sleep is to my overall health and wellbeing, I’d say this is one of the most significant technology reveals of 2017.

Thanks to Mattress Firm for sponsoring our series on sleep. And thank you for supporting our Carley K. sponsors.

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