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Meet the new wellness trackers

Wellness Tracker

The latest trackers are after more than getting you bikini ready.

[highlight] Greetings KTLA viewers! [/highlight] Happy you found me here at! Here are all the trackers I mentioned in the segment this morning, and I’ll put a video ASAP. If you like this article, you might also like: Personal safety apps, Great fitness apps (no wristband required), Use these brain-training apps to fire your shrink, and this list of (Very) wearable tech

What if fitness trackers could help you do more than just marvel at your workout data? What if they could help you with your confidence, your stress level, or your ability to focus? As someone who has never been enthused by counting steps or calories I am thrilled to see wearables finally taking a step into the wellness realm. And even more exciting is that they work:  There are trackers that can monitor data that reveals your’e anxious or afraid, or safe. Best of all, they’re affordable and available to anyone interested in using technology to get less frustrated  not more (a welcome change for many).  Here are a few of my favorite trackers in this emerging category:

Lumo Lift


Confidence and power start with how you hold yourself. That’s the premise behind Lumo Lift, a bus token-sized magnet you wear like a lapel pin, which can track your posture. If you hunch, it gently vibrates, coaching you to sit tall, chin up, and boldly face the day. At the end of the day, the Lumo app shows you how many “good posture hours” you clocked, and check your progress over time. (Works with iPhones, iPads, iPods with Bluetooth 4.0, Windows 7 or higher w/ Windows dongle). $79.99



You breath reflects your state of mind. It’s the key to helping your body calm down or build more energy. Spire clips to your bra or belt so it’s near your lungs or diaphragm, and monitors your breathing ups-and-downs. It can then figure out when you’re tense and remind you to breathe deeply. Looking at the app can provide insights into what times of day stress you out, and show you how well you’re doing at chilling out over time. (iPhone compatible, Android version coming soon). $149.95



If your dog is anything like mine, she’s totally freaked out at the vet. That makes it tough for the doctor to record her resting vitals, since they’re likely very elevated, which in turn makes it harder to know when something’s wrong. Voyce is a wellness tracker for your dog, that’s recording her vitals when he’s relaxed at home. Things like her resting respiratory rate, resting heart rate, how much rest and activity she’s getting… all being recorded to give your vet an accurate picture of your dog’s health. The Voyce app makes it clear if something’s not right, and the data can easily be shared with our vet directly from the app. (Compatible with all devices) $299.00



Wonder Woman’s wristbands have nothing on this line of beautiful jewelry with super powers. Place the Cuff chip into one of their necklaces, bracelets or keychains, and you’ll get vibration alerts when your close friends or family call. You’ll also be alerted if your phone gets left behind so you can quickly retrieve it. Most notably, it can send out a signal if you’re in distress, telling close friends and family your geographic location and automatically recording audio where you are so you can send out an SOS. (Current iPhones and Androids; Shipping summer 2015) $49 and up.

Netatmo June

Netatmo June

Staying protected in the sun is a tricky thing: How much sunscreen do I apply? What SPF? When is it time to reapply? And how does the UV Index factor in? June is a jewel-like clip or wristband that takes care of all the math and provides information specific to your skin type and your location to help you stay safe in the sun. The sensor picks up the suns rays and knows, geographically where you are and what the weather’s like. The app will send you alerts telling you when to reapply, and when to grab your sunglasses and hat, or just move into the shade. (iPhone) $129

Jawbone Coffee App

Coffee App

The Jawbone fitness trackers are well-known, helping millions of people track their workouts, diets and steps. But they’re helping people collect data around a new topic: How your caffeine intake affects your sleep. Tell the Coffee app how many caffeinated beverages you drink and when, then use the fitness band to track your sleep, and the app will help you see the connection, coaching you to curb your habit and get a more restful night of Zzzs. (iOS & Android) FREE


Melon Headband

This tracker is for your brain, not your body. Melon futuristic-looking EEG monitor that you wear like a headband, it measures your brain’s electrical activity, or brainwaves, and helps you improve your focus or enhance your memory. Just wear the headband while doing the app’s fun teasers and puzzles, and you’ll be Einstein in no time. (iOS) $149

Which one would you wear? Do you think they’d work for you? Let me know in the comments! 

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