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Apps that protect you from all sorts of bad news

Super Hero Apps

It can feel like we’re helpless to the whims of the bad guys, but there are a handful of personal safety apps that can keep you safe from the perils of the physical and digital world.

Happy friday, lovelies! Today’s post is about getting a black belt in self-defense, using apps to help protect you from all kinds of maladies: Credit card fraud, password hacks, kids running free on the uncensored internet and even getting mugged. Try an app or two on this list, and let it be the guard dog for your life.


Password Perfect

Hackers love people whose passwords are easy to guess, the same for every website, and stored out in the open. If that’s you, your sensitive information is at risk, and it’s time to invest in a password manager. Storing them away behind bank-level encryption will allow you to create safer, stronger passwords for each website you visit. And keeping them behind one master password means they’re not vulnerable to prying eyes. 1Password provides all of these features, and also allows you to securely store other important documents, like Passports, credit cards and your driver’s license.


You’ll Never Walk Alone

BSafe is like having your closest friends walk you home. Set it up by adding your family and friends to your personal BSafe safety network.  You can then ask friends to “watch you” walk home, so they can follow your route live. If you find yourself in danger, one tap of the panic button will alert them all, send your location, and sound an SOS alarm. When you arrive safely at your location, one tap instantly lets your network know you’re safe. All of these features mean big sighs of relief for those who walk alone at night.


Mal-ware are they now?

Your phone can get sick just like you, and when it does, it can take down all your important data with it. Even worse, it could start an epidemic, transmitting infectious malware and viruses. The Avira security app scans your phone, automatically deleting malicious files, and checks your email account and all incoming emails to make sure they haven’t been compromised. And if you’re getting emails from a company whose recently been hacked, they’ll make sure you’re aware so you can change your account password (or unsubscribe).

My data manager

Blind Data

What you don’t know can cost you, especially if it’s data overages on your smartphone bill. Your carrier probably does an okay job of telling you how much data you’ve used, but My Data Manager breaks it down in easy-to-see graphs and charts. It will track your history so you can be sure you’re on the right plan, map your data (so you can see where you’re using mobile, wi-fi and roaming) and set usage alarms so you don’t get that queasy bill shock feeling when your statement comes. Plus, on the Android app, you get a breakdown of exactly which apps are the biggest data hogs.


The Kids are Alright

Most of us know that the Internet is full of things kids shouldn’t see. How to keep them safe and sheltered? That we need help with. Mobicip is parental control for kids’ mobile devices— so you can keep an eye on what apps their downloading and what pages they’re surfing.  set parental controls and monitor from your own devices. An app for parents allows you to set up devices, see what apps are being downloaded, and monitor them in real time, as well as set alerts and curfews. Best of all, after the initial set-up, you don’t even need to pick up the device to see what’s going on inside it.

billguardCredit Card Fraud

These days, credit card fraud is the new normal, with millions of people’s information being compromised each month. BillGuard shows you what charges are coming through the moment they happen, so you can report suspicious charges on the spot. They’ll also send you a notification if a company you’ve shopped with has a security breach, so you can change your password. Bonus feature: The spending tracker helps prevent overspending for the non-fraudulent kind of drain on your account (AKA The Shopping Spree).

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