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Very, Very Wearable Tech

very very wearable tech

All the kerfuffle about the soon-to-be-released Apple Watch has got me thinking: The wearable tech market is full of options for people who want to do everything from read texts to track their sleep. But can it be cute too?

The Apple Watch might be a different story— it might be… magazine covers notwithstanding, the verdict is still out on whether it will be comfortable or pretty on my wrist. The rest of the wearable tech market hasn’t exactly been wearable for women. The finishes and textures have read decidedly geekboy, unless you like rubber primary colors or blah-grey plastic (no thanks, I’m good). And then there’s utility: Most of the features have left me scratching my head (do I really a watch to give me Facebook “like” alerts?), and thinking about what would truly be useful to have on my wrist.

Maybe the Apple Watch will answer some of these questions. But in the meantime, I’m delighted to present a handful of wearables have women in mind: They’re providing valuable features, and will add value to your fashion ensemble. I’ve featured a few of my favorites in this video, and there’s more below:

Very Very wearable tech

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1. Ringly: A fabulous range of cocktail rings that let you program vibration patterns and light colors that will alert you when important calls and texts come in. Let the rest go, keep your phone in your purse, and enjoy who you’re with. $195 and up.

2. Motorola 360: Only for Android users, this watch will send you email, news and text alerts, as well as weather and trael updates. With it’s unique round screen and Champagne Gold finish, I’m smitten. $329.

3. Intel MICA: Haute Couture wearable collab between Intel and Opening Ceremony. With it’s snakeskin band, precious stones, 18K gold coating and curved sapphire touch display, it’s got beauty and brains. $495.

4. Arki Walking Coach: This Kickstarter will track your steps and analyze your posture, helping you walk more and healther. Leather package, $129.

5. Withings Activité: This most-striking smart watch doesn’t look like one, on purpose. The Swiss engineering and calf leather band are classic, and the smarts inside will help you track sleep, activity and wake you up in the morning. $450. (Similar Activité Pop model, for $149)

6. Motorola Hint: Bluetooth headsets are usually pretty douchey looking— this small bud nests in your ear, is finished beautifully, and is voice controlled. $149.

7. Olive: A bracelet that helps you conquer stress by prompting you to breathe deep when your vitals spike. This gold and white finish already makes me feel better. $129.

8. Spire: This small device tucks into your jeans or clips to your bra strap to monitor your activity and stress, helping you make connections and take action to calm down. $149

9. Siren: Hiding in this ring is a unbearingly loud alarm that you can sound in you’re in distress. In labradorite and Aventurine, $199.

10. Cuff: If you’re concerned for your safety or have hurt yourself and need help, a button on this cuff (or the range of pendants, bracelets and keychains) will alert your trusted circle and share your location. $29 – 49.

11. Misfit Shine: This activity tracker makes the list because of it’s range of beautiful colors as well as it’s variety of wearable options— you can turn it into a clip, a pendant, or a bracelet in a range of styles that can go from the gym to cocktails. Topaz with sport necklace pictured, $99 and $49.

This post has affiliate links, which means I get compensated if you make a purchase using the scrolling gallery above. I only recommend products I truly love. Thanks for supporting CarleyK!

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