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Could these beauty gadgets erase your wrinkles?

Beauty Gadgets: Lightstim

Creams, balms, pills, peels…

 There’s an endless stream of products and processes marketed to women the minute you notice the first tiny creases forming on your face.

If you’re strong enough to embrace the signs of aging and ignore it all, more power to you, but many of us can’t help but want to slow things down a little. (Sure, smile lines are a sign of a life well laughed… but, umm, how many are we talking??)

Now, tech is getting in on the smooth-your-aging-face market, with all kinds of beauty gadgets that promise to help, via lots of different approaches.

Some, like the HiMirror, are all about assessment. The smart mirror gets to know the lines on your visage and then allows you track whether those creams and balms are actually working. That way you can switch up your products if they’re not delivering promised results.

But most of the gadgets go a step further and actually offer solutions. 

Beauty Gadgets: LightstimBeauty Gadgets: Lightstim Beauty Gadgets: Lightstim

NuFace’s Trinity Toning Device, for instance, uses microcurrents to stimulate facial muscles, which can smooth out skin, making it appear more toned and defined. Experts say the effect is real, although there’s no proof it’ll banish wrinkles in the long-term. Instead, it delivers a short-term beauty boost, so you’ll have to use it every day to maintain the results.

Illuminage’s Skin Smoothing Laser device, meanwhile, uses a laser to penetrate the skin. Over time, the body makes less collagen and elastin production, leading to wrinkles. Certain lasers can boost collagen production underneath the skin, slowing down that process (and they’re pretty effective and are commonly used in medical spas). This allows you to apply the same process at home, without expensive visits.

The devices that interested me the most, though, are Lightstim’s handheld LED Light Therapy wands. The company makes three different versions: one for acne, one for pain, and one for wrinkles. Like lasers, LED lights are commonly used in anti-aging treatments at spas, and Lightstim’s light claims to stimulate collagen and elastin production to “reduce the appearance of pore size, smooth texture, increase elasticity, and recapture your radiant glow.”

[product id=”13459″]

I’m noticing a bit of improvement with this! Slow-going, but definite firming and wrinkle reduction. Finding it exciting!

While comforting to consumers, there’s still minimal proof that at-home light therapy devices such as LightStim actually deliver the promised results. Though users may see some benefits, the treatment is both costly and time-consuming, while potentially doing no more good than slathering on a quality skin care cream.

I have been using it daily now for about 3 weeks— after week one I didn’t notice too much of a difference (maybe slightly around my crow’s feet?) but after 3 weeks I definitely see a bit of fading on some of my sun spots, and my skin just looks… better.  My jaw line feels a bit firmer, in a way that no one else but me would notice, but I DO, which makes me hold my head a little higher. I don’t think continued use is going to make me look radically different, but I definitely see changes.

To use it, you hold it in place on the area you want it to do its magic on for three minutes. When it beeps, you move it to a different area and start over. 7 or 8 beeps later, you’ve covered most of your face. Be sure to close your eyes when you use it around that area, or use goggles. It beeps to indicate that you should move it to another area of your face, which is a great way to ensure you don’t overuse it.

A lot of Amazon reviewers say they find it annoying that it’s hard to do anything else when you’re using it— I kinda like the idea of it being a bit of quiet, meditative time.  I wish it didn’t have to be plugged in (should have a battery so you don’t have to be tethered to the wall), but it’s become a part of my evening routine I look forward to, and seems to be worth the time.

Have you tried any wrinkle-fighting beauty gadgets? Share your experiences in the comments, below!

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