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Confused in the Vitamin Aisle? These Companies Want to Help

Care/Of Custom Supplements

Figuring out which supplements to take can be exhausting (which, you know, could result in you needing more adaptogens, to deal with the stress).

The truth is, the science on which ones you really need is often confusing and inconclusive. Plus, since the industry is highly unregulated, it’s filled with shady companies selling pills laced with fillers and other sketchy, untraceable ingredients.

Thankfully, a new generation of wellness-minded entrepreneurs is shaking up the industry by sourcing better ingredients and tailoring vitamins and supplements to fit what unique individuals need. Many are even specifically aimed at helping career-driven, go-getter women like us. (Yay!)

These companies are also making supplements convenient via monthly home delivery and smart packaging, which also happens to look cool in your purse (that’s important, right?). Check out the five custom supplement brands I’m loving, below, to find out which may be right for you.

For the Life Hacker

Care/Of: Custom Vitamins

If you want the most custom supplements possible, tailored to your body, needs, and goals, Care/of really delivers. Your first step is to take a detailed quiz, answering questions on who you are, what your goals are, your lifestyle, and even your values (like how open you are to Ayurvedic principles). The company than suggests a daily collection of supplements it wants to ship to you. The best part: It breaks down why it’s recommending each one, based on solid research (like how many studies have been done and the quality of those studies), and your profile (if you live in a state that doesn’t get much sun, for instance, it may suggest vitamin D).

For the Minimalist

Ritual: Custom Vitamins

Ritual is the vitamin company for women who hate taking vitamins. It distills the confusing process down into one bottle delivered to your door each month. In said bottle is one pill you pop each day, made with nine nutrients the company says research has shown most women aren’t getting enough of, like vitamin E, iron, and folate. Ritual is super science-forward, by the way. They provide lots of detailed information for every ingredient they use on their website, along with tons of research references. They also tell you what they don’t put in their products: synthetic fillers or colorants, for example.

For the #Girlboss

Goop Wellness: Custom Vitamins

Renowned functional medicine physician Amy Meyers, MD designed the Goop Wellness supplements with busy, do-it-all women in mind, and “functional” is the perfect way to describe them. Each of the cleverly-named formulations addresses scenarios you likely identify with if you’re running from barre classes to non-stop meetings to picking up your kiddos from school. “Balls in the Air”, for instance, leans heavy on antioxidants to combat inflammation caused by fast-paced living; “Why Am I So Effing Tired?” is packed with vitamins that help with taxed adrenals and stress tolerance (boy, can I relate). 

For the Workout Junkie

Revere: Custom Vitamins

Revere’s founders really know fitness, so their products are hyper-tailored to helping you make the most of your workout routine. A questionnaire asks your age, weight, how often you exercise and what you do, how hard you push yourself, what your goals are (i.e. build muscle, feel good, lose weight). Based on your answers, they suggest a monthly box that’s a mix of their three powered products: Pre-Workout Energy, Post-Workout Cardio, or Post-Workout Strength (all of which you can just shake up in a water bottle). The powders are made with all-natural, whole food ingredients like coffee and beetroot extracts (for energy), sweet potato powder (for glycogen replenishment), pea protein (for muscle rebuilding), and tart cherry (to prevent soreness).

Hum Nutrition: Custom Vitamins

For the Beauty Buff

If you’re looking for supplements to address beauty woes, Hum Nutrition’s capsules are where it’s at. They’ve got formulas that support skin elasticity and firmness, stronger hair and nails, wrinkle prevention, and much more. You can choose based on what you’re looking for (if dark circles are your biggest issue, for instance, you may need Beauty zzZz), or take a beauty and wellness quiz that a nutritionist will then use to recommend the best products for you.

Have you tried any custom supplements? Tell me about your experience in the comments below!

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