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On-Call: LiveHealth is an online doctor that’s always with you.

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You are most likely to need a doctor:

a) In the middle of the night
b) On the weekend
b) During a holiday
c) All of the above

If you answered C, you’re like many of us— especially moms—who so often need some medical advice after hours. And even when an issue arises during business hours, often it’s not a full-blown rush-me-to-a-doctor’s-office kind of thing, but more of a “here are my symptoms: can you tell me if I need a prescription?” kind of thing.

LiveHealth Online (and the new LiveHealth app) is a fabulous solution for those moments, because it’s like a doctor’s visit… without the doctor’s visit. For a flat rate (starting at $49, though check with your insurance provider—some are already covering LiveHealth appointments), you can have a live video chat with a real, board-certified doctor—with the specialty of your choosing—and ask any question you like. In seconds, you tap “connect” with one of the pool of available doctors, and you can describe (or show) anything you need some medical advice about. Check the map on their website to see if LiveHealth is available in your state, and if LiveHealth doctors can prescribe medication during these sessions… it varies. Of course, it’s not for emergencies, and often you’ll be encouraged to see your doctor for a physical examination. But there are so many scenarios in which this is the perfect solution: fast, easy and you get on with your day… or back to sleep.

I’m really impressed with this service because I think it bridges the gap for most people, and will encourage folks to seek medical attention for what ails them in a low-friction, low-cost kind of way. (I have never related to people who are afraid to go to the doctor, but I know you’re out there.)

Oh, and if you’re in Los Angeles next week, I’ll be on a panel with Dr. Peter Antall, a pediatrician from LiveHealth Online, and some other stellar ladies like Leana Greene from Kids in the House, actress Elisabeth Rohm (American Hustle, Law & Order), and lifestyle and parenting expert Samantha Ettus. We’ll be discussing how to survive the summer with tips on everything from limiting screen time, to treating mosquito bite rashes. Plus, the event is at Palihouse, which might be one of the coolest event spaces in Los Angeles. Have a cocktail in the courtyard and you’ll be smitten.

If you’d like to join us for the event on June 3rd, RSVP to (check out all the information on the invite below). Hope to see you there, and that you enjoy your summer in perfect health!

LiveHealth Panel Invite

This post was sponsored by Live Health Online. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my own.



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