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Golden Door Spa

I’ve run away to The Golden Door, a zen-like wellness center in Southern California. Because I needed some time to regroup. I have been feeling unwell and unbalanced for months, as so many of us do: in how I was caring for myself (not), how I was consuming social media (excessively), how I was sleeping (poorly), and how I was rolling into 2018 (unconsciously).

So I’m here on my own wellness retreat, as this is going to be a busy year and I don’t want to spend it exhausted, irritable, and headachy. But I will also be writing: expect articles in the coming months about how to use technology more mindfully, how to avoid injuries when using your devices, and how to eat foods and do exercises that calm the mind, boost the brain, and part the clouds in your brain fog.

Lastly, since January 2nd I’ve been sugar and gluten-free. It’s not something I’m recommending to everyone (or anyone, I’m clearly not a doctor or nutritionist), but removing those two things from my diet has transformed many things about my personality and lifestyle that I didn’t anticipate. I’m eating different (obviously, and it’s hard), but I’m also parenting different, working different, and feeling different in ways I honestly didn’t anticipate. Stay tuned for more on that as well.

Off to a morning stretch session…

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