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Air purifier or humidifier? Which one’s best for your space?

What’s more fundamental than the air you breathe? Literally nothing. And yet you don’t really pay much attention to what and how you’re breathing when you’re at home, until things go wrong.

During winter months, that often means repeated run-ins with the flu and cold after cold, or at least months of dried-out sinuses and sniffling. During the spring (if it ever gets here!), it means runny noses and endless sneezing as pollen starts to activate those allergies.

While we think of picking up germs in crowded public places, it’s actually the air in our homes that can be a haven for germs, so it’s important to start in your own backyard (or, living room, as it were).

But you might be confused (as I was) as to whether your problems might be solved by a humidifier or a purifier. Of course, they both do different things, but which one is right for your space?  And can anything techy help? (Spoiler: Yes.)

I spent some time testing the air purifier you see here, the Molekule, and it impressed me with it’s good looks, it’s non-invasiveness (it’s quiet) and it’s science: Research the company provides shows its purifier is effective at capturing and destroying bacteria, viruses, black mold, and even volatile organic compounds (like chemicals released from paint or cleaning supplies). It uses UV technology to destroy many of these pollutants, which are too small for HEPA filters to catch. UV technology is something I’ve talked about a lot on the blog as a way to clean up the ick on your smartphones or your kids’ gaming devices— makes sense to use it here as a next-level way to  literally zap the air clean as it moves through the purifier.

Head on over to Well + Good and to read more about purifiers, humidifiers, and the differences between them. One might be a fit for your home this spring.  READ MORE HERE.

air purifier air purifier

From purifiers to humidifiers, here’s your cheat sheet on what *actually* clears the air

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