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Will these techy pajamas help you sleep better?

Celliant: Lunya Restore

The fact that your body temperature plays a role in how well you sleep probably doesn’t come as a surprise. Who hasn’t been woken up during the night by sweaty sheets (ew, gross) or half-way freezing and in need of another blanket?

So when I heard about Celliant, a techy fabric that promises to take care of regulating your core body temperature so you sleep soundly ‘til morning, I was intrigued.

Here’s how it works: Celliant is a mix of 13 “thermoreactive minerals” that are embedded into fibers. Those minerals give the fabric they’re embedded in the ability to absorb infrared and visible light, which is then transformed into a wavelength that’s better absorbed by your body. When your body absorbs that energy, it makes more oxygen available to your cells, improving circulation (AKA blood flow). The makers of Celliant say that this weird, scientific heat-and-light process means two things: your body temperature is more regulated, so you sleep better, AND your body is able to heal and recover (from injuries or workouts) faster.

Of course, those are pretty big claims, and unfortunately, it’s pretty hard to verify them. The fact that sleeping in or on Celliant fabrics increases blood flow is pretty clear. But do people who use the fabric actually sleep better or recover faster?

The company touts a “clinical study” it had commissioned by a university sleep center, but when you read the actual results of the study, the word unimpressive is a major understatement. The researchers studied just six people (with back pain) sleeping on a Celliant mattress cover, which is a tiny, tiny, tiny sample size. There was a significant change observed in the median time spent awake after falling asleep, but other than that, the results are all over the place. The participants slept for less time overall when they were using the Celliant cover, which the researchers said could mean the fabric improved their sleep to the point that they needed less…but couldn’t they also have just not slept enough? And three out of the six reported a subjective improvement in their sleep (so pretty much a wash), while only two reported an improvement in their back pain.

Still, that’s not to say there’s nothing to this… there just isn’t much solid evidence as of yet. If you put on your infrared-capturing pajamas and find it’s the best night’s sleep of your life, why wait for science, right? If you’re interested in giving it a go, here are three ways to test out this tech sleep solution.


Celliant Pajamas

Lunya sleepwear is a new obsession of mine. I am a big fan of their washable silk PJs (washable silk!!!) and I live in their alpaca robe. So when I heard that their new Restore collection uses Celliant fabric to make cozy pajama tops and shorts that help you sleep better? Blew my mind. The designs are minimalist and cute, so even if you don’t get an oxygen bump, you’ll look and feel great when bedtime rolls around.


Celliant Sheets

If you’d rather sleep on, not in the fabric, this Celliant sheet set from The Company Store come in pretty colors like white, grey and ivory. They boast an antimicrobial finish as well, to keep the bed fresher longer and have a softer than soft feel. 


Celliant Mattress

Finally, the option for the person who really wants to dive right in. The Bear Mattress is a mail-order new age mattress like Casper and Leesa, but its top layer is a breathable Celliant cover. It’s also got a layer of “cooling graphite-gel memory foam” that is supposed to further regulate your body temp. But that’s a whole other research project…

Have you tried Celliant sleep tech? Did you sleep any better? Share your experiences in the comments below!

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