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Thoughtful is the new “smart” (and, a giveaway).

alarm clock giveaway


There are more important things than alarm clocks, sure. Most of us just have some alarm clock or other… it tells time, it shrieks at us to wake up in the morning.

Sometimes the alarm goes off on the weekend, because we forgot to tell it not to.

Sometimes we throw a sock over it because it’s numbers are so bright.

And sometimes we wish we could wake up to something more gentle, but it’s all beeps and buzzes.

Usually, we just tolerate it as another “dumb” object in our life, like a paperclip or a hanger or a shoelace.

But why? Why do we give our alarm clocks a free pass to be average, to not evolve and grow and think like a person?

I’ve been thinking a lot about this lately: When it comes to technology, we’re all obsessed with things that are “smart”. Usually, “smart” just means that it talks to an app and provides some data that may or may not be useful to anyone. Which… I mean, is that really smart at all?

In the race to make things “smart,” I’ve seen everything from smart forks, to smart egg crates, to smart socks. What I haven’t seen much of if an attempt to make these smart devices thoughtful. And when that happens, it’s a beautiful thing.

Screen Shot 2015-10-06 at 6.21.19 PM

It’s been well-documented that I have a crush on the Soundfreaq Sound Rise— every member of my family now has one, including our newly-remodeled guest room. I think their humble alarm clock shows some serious thought towards how people interact with tech and how tech interacts with people.

Here’s why:

The sound performance is fantastic. It’s a fantastic little speaker with preset controls so you can hear your music bright, warm or however you like it.

It’s a multi-tasker. In addition to telling time and waking you up, it can charge your phone and be a speaker for your music.

It’s alarm settings are clever. I can tell it to wake me up every morning (like a regular alarm clock), every Monday (it knows what day it is), or every Weekday (because duh! I don’t get up for work on saturday or sunday!). A small thing, but a thoughtful thing.

It has a backup battery. If my dog (or housekeeper) accidentally knocks it out of the wall, I won’t miss carpool.

It’s gorgeous. A slim footprint, a design-friendly palette, and lots of collaborations with trendy designers (like the one pictured, with Clashist).

I’m giving a Soundfreaq Sound Rise away on the blog today, and you should totally win it. The contest only lasts one day, so enter in all the ways you can RIGHT NOW! Come back tomorrow for more tech closet giveaways.


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