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Sorry, Airpods: These Wireless Headphones Are My New Faves

MW07 Wireless Earbuds: Airpods

Don’t get me wrong—when the first pair of Airpods hit the market, I was totally blown away by the innovation: Completely wireless headphones that pair effortlessly, fit well, and sound great… there was nothing like them on the market. The design, however, left a lot to be desired. To be honest, it’s why I don’t own a pair— I can’t argue with how great they are, but I can’t stand the way they look like dangly Q-tips in my ears.

So when I came upon Master & Dynamic’s MW07’s True Wireless Headphones, I was encouraged that someone MIGHT be getting it right in all departments: Style, fit and features. Then I tried them, and I fell hard.

So pretty.

First and foremost, the style. Available in seven different colors ranging from matte black to tortoiseshell to millennial pink, these wireless headphones are made from beautiful, handcrafted acetate (no plastic!) that not only looks elegant, but is totally fashionable in comparison to everything else. And the gorgeous aesthetic goes beyond the actual ear pieces themselves. The hand-polished stainless steel charging case—which holds up to 14 hours of charging time—is also chic. You can buy an optional wireless charging case for the new Apple Airpods ($79), but you have to lay it down on a charging mat to charge it, so you need two things to get the job done, a bit less convenient (and more expensive).

So comfy.

Next, let’s talk about the fit. MW07 uses proprietary technology called “Fit Wings” that are available in two detachable sizes so that you can ensure a custom and extra secure fit inside your ear. I can attest: After wearing them for hours—as most of us typically do—they still felt comfy and light. They struck a balance between not feeling tight in my ears and not feeling like they might fall out. Sensors in the MW07s know when they’ve been put in your ear, so you hear a satisfying chime when you put them in, a feature that the Airpods have as well.

So sonically stellar.

Finally, the sound. This is where the MW07s shine, though I’m not at all surprised: Master & Dynamic are known for their incredible attention to sound quality. Beryllium drivers deliver rich, expansive acoustics, and simultaneously detect in-ear placement so they can automatically play and pause your listening experience (how cool is that?). The antenna also helps speed up the pairing technology and delivers a 20-meter range of Bluetooth connectivity, so I can roam my house and leave my phone in the other room without missing a beat—quite literally.

Apple’s new Airpods have one fabulous thing going for them: Siri integration. It’s cool to be able to chat with Siri without having to reach for your phone. I have no doubt that other earbuds will start integrating voice assistants soon, but right now that gives Airpods one edge over the competition.

Master & Dynamic’s MW07s are $299, and yes, that’s a bit investment for wireless headphones, especially when Apple’s own Airpods are only $179. According to a recent New York Times review, however, the Airpods don’t last long, and whereas Apple’s white earbuds used to be a status symbol, the white Airpods look a bit silly. The MW07s are a bit of an investment, but they’re well-made and sound amazing… and should do so for years to come.

What do you think? Would you try these out?

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