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Lust, and the new iPhone X

iPhone X

The new iPhone— each year, it makes us all rabid animals, clamoring to get the new one for no reason other than to be the cool one that got the shiny new thing. It’s a status symbol, it’s almost always unnecessary— buying one is usually no more than an act of LUST.

Normally, it’s me at the front of the proverbial line (I’ve never actually waited in one of those Apple Store lines, but I have been known to wait up till midnight to order my phone the second it goes on sale), but this time, I’m just not feeling it.

Maybe it’s because this device just doesn’t excite me as much as it should— Apple’s special 10th anniversary “phone of the future” feels:

A bit iterative (edge-to-edge display is already on a handful of phones),

A bit sideways (Face ID accomplishes the same thing as Touch ID, but feels weird and invasive), and

A bit tone deaf (guys, did we really need MORE glass to break?!).

And don’t get me started on those Animojis: Steve Jobs, wherever you are, I’m so sorry.

I skipped the 7 series, so I was still using a 6 Plus until a couple weeks ago… it was geriatric, moving sluggishly and crashing, the battery not lasting more than two hours. It was begging to be put out to pasture. (After years of defending Apple, it really does feel like they strategically brick older phones to encourage people to buy new ones.)

So when I couldn’t take it any longer, I pulled the trigger and used my free upgrade to get the 8 Plus. There are some enhanced features— certainly the camera is much improved and I’m loving the wireless charger, but it feels pretty much the same as the 6 or 7. I was feeling good about my decision— was phone was fast again, and the battery life was great.

But then…

Less than two weeks later, the iPhone X has landed in other people’s palms—  and not mine. I went into a bit of a tizzy about my decision: How could I not have the coolest/newest/bestest phone on the market? What did it say about me, as a person? As a tech expert?

I came to my senses 24 hours later when I remembered all the reasons why I decided against the X in the first place. I reminded myself that my phone does not define me. How absurd a thing to have to remind yourself! But that lust is a decade in the making, and it’s a powerful thing…

I am not one of those people who resists change… I wouldn’t be able to do what I do for a living if I did!  But change has to be for the better— removing the home button and adding Face ID just adds a layer of complexity to my day-to-day phone use… they don’t solve any problems for me.

My actual problems, like battery life, and phone durability, go unaddressed by the iPhone X, all in the name of flashy features that seem to have more to do with Apple being on this new phone every year rollercoaster than the true, magical innovation that Apple was always known for.

The emperor has no clothes. I’m skipping the iPhone X and sticking with the 8 Plus, and also, for the first time in my smartphone history, seriously considering a move to Android.

Are you an Apple fanatic? How are you feeling about the new iPhone X? Let’s discuss in the comments.

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