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11 Things That Caught My Eye At CES 2018

To say that the Consumer Electronics Show (AKA “CES”) is overwhelming is an understatement. Think of the most jam-packed conference/exhibition you’ve ever been to— then imagine it 50X bigger. It takes up the entire Las Vegas Convention Center, and has spread to numerous buildings around the city. Now that I’m back, (and sufficiently tech-detoxed) I wanted to share the things I saw that caught my eye. The truth: There’s nothing quite as exhilarating as getting a sneak peek at so much of the future. Here, the items I loved the most.

Best of CES 2018: Kohler Mirror

Kohler’s Verdera Mirror

Multi-tasking in the bathroom just got a whole lot easier thanks to the Verdera, a smart mirror from Kohler that has voice-assistant Alexa embedded right inside. You not only get the same functionality of your Amazon Echo—think weather reports and news briefings while you apply your makeup— but you can use voice commands to dim and brighten the LED lights (which make you look bee-yoo-tiful BTW). The mirror even includes a motion-activated nightlight, so you don’t have to stumble around in the dark. (Available in March) 

Best of CES 2018: Nutribullet Balance

Nutribullet Balance

Making your own smoothie is great and all, but it can be a challenge to determine the exact calorie count of what you’re consuming—until now. The Nutribullet Balance connects with an app on your smartphone to tell you exactly how many calories are in the smoothie you’re sipping in real time. This means that as you add the spinach, the avocado or kale, you’ll get a calculation on your phone ingredient by ingredient so you can meet your nutrition goals every time.


It’s hard to detect what’s going on in your pipes until it’s too late (hello, flooded basement). The Phyn Plus uses patented, “high-definition pressure wave sensing” to notify you the second a leak in your plumbing system is detected, giving you the power to remotely activate an auto water shut-off. It also takes matters into it’s own hands if the leak it detects is particularly catastrophic—say, a burst pipe—so you can avoid costly damage. But here’s the cool part: The technology gets smarter as you use it by running daily health checks so you can fine-tune (and conserve) your water usage over time. (Availability TBD.)

Best of CES 2018: Philips Smart Toothbrush

Philips DiamondClean Smart Toothbrush

It’s the latest in toothbrush technology. The DiamondClean features five modes and three different intensities that deliver up to 10 times the plaque removal than a manual toothbrush and up to 100 percent more stain removal in just three days. It also does all the work for you, thanks to smart brush heads that automatically detect the best brushing mode for your teeth. Still, my favorite part is the charging pad: A sleek water glass that can pull double duty on your countertop.

Best of CES 2018: Sleep Number Mattress

Sleep Number i8 Mattress

Smarter sleep is a movement we can all get behind. The i8 mattress offers the latest in temperature-balancing and contour support with its Sleep IQ technology hidden inside the mattress. This means that, every night, you can track not only how well you sleep, but what impacts your sleep, gaining insight on your ideal bedtime, wake up time and more.

Polaroid Pop

Before there was Instagram, there was Polaroid. The iconic (and now 80-year-old brand) just introduced an instant digital camera that allows you to capture—and print—all your favorite moments in the signature 3.5×4.25” Polaroid format. You can even sync the camera with your mobile phone, transforming your device into an instant photo printer that you can use on the go.

Best of CES 2018: Sony Life UX

Sony Life UX Short Throw Projector

Upping the ante on 4K technology, Sony’s Life UX Short Throw Projector is designed to complement your home and turn a blank wall into a giant TV screen. The projector itself is stunning, featuring a furniture-like design with a marble top, aluminum frame and wooden shelf. The sophisticated design keeps the state of the art 4K tech and organic glass tweeters out-of-sight, and in an instant, a whopping up-to-120″-picture is thrown onto the wall — Boom! Instant home theater. (Price and availability TBD.)

Best of CES 2018: Puppy 1

Puppy 1 Suitcase

A trip to the airport almost requires a third hand these days. This smart suitcase from 90Fun aims to free you up to carry your coffee by using the same self-balancing technology a Segway employs. Add a remote control attached to your person, and the bag follows you through the airport, like a loyal pup. It zigs and zags to keep up with your pace— the one I interacted with seemed to even wag it’s tail. There’s even an alarm that sounds should you and bag get separated— the next wave of smart suitcase tech is upon us. (Price and availability TBD.)

Did you see any coverage of products you’re excited about? What’s your favorite new tech? Let me know in the comments!

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