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The trick to stress-free holiday gift shopping

This is a sponsored message from our partners HP and HSN.

It’s well documented that I am a fervent online shopper.  There are pros and cons to the practice, to be sure, but I find that it saves me time, energy, and gives me a sense of accomplishment— after 5 or 15 minutes later, my family has groceries, household items, clothing… it’s all on the way, and I get to engage in one of my favorite pastimes: Knocking things off my list.

When it comes to holiday shopping— I’m even more adamant about shopping from home for a few reasons:

  • The crowds at stores have become increasingly intolerable,
  • The lack of inventory can be frustrating unless you’re a deal-finding ninja (I am not)
  • I’m easily distractible when I’m in shopping IRL in a way that I am not when I’m online… I usually have a list of things I need, and I put my blinders on to everything else.
  • It’s hard to know if you’re getting a good deal— of course, you could stand in a store and use a price-comparison app to get the same information but now we’re back to wasting time, and I’m not a fan…

In summary, online shopping is where it’s at, for me— I get my gifts early, get the best price, and find what I need in little time. So when HP and HSN reached out to partner on this post, I jumped at the chance, because they’ve got a killer deal on a laptop that would make an amazing gift for someone special on your list, and so many ways to shop early and save without heading to the store, dealing with Black Friday, or waiting til Cyber Monday.



Let’s chat about this laptop for a second.

Shallow things out of the way first—it has a slim body and it comes in 5 expressive colors (Powder Blue, Cardinal Red, Noble Blue, Iris Purple and Dreamy Teal) along with Silver White and Turbo Silver, so there’s a look that works for everyone. It also has a 15” touchscreen, so you can pinch, zoom, and swipe things, as well as using the full keyboard and trackpad.

Inside, there’s an Intel Pentium Quad-Core processor, which helps you multi-task and work fast. It runs the latest Windows 10 (I understand the cool kids are calling it “Win 10”), and boasts an impressively large 1TB hard drive. The battery life averages around 6 hours, which I love because it means I’m covered for a cross-country flight. At 4.73lbs. it’s not the lightest laptop on the market, but it has a DVD player and card reader (I really miss having one in my current laptop).


And then there’s the price. HSN is offering a special deal: $399 until November 5th. That’s kind of amazing for a laptop— especially affordable for kids who are carting them back and forth to school. After that, the deal may not be as sweet, but you can still take advantage of their special features like:

  • Free Shipping
  • HSN Flex Pay (pay for it in several payments, but get the laptop right away)
  • Lifetime Tech Support (seriously, that’s cool HSN!)

Product and compensation were furnished for this post. All opinions are my own. Thanks for supporting our sponsors— they help me keep rolling!

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