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Leave Your Wallet Home and Do This Instead

Circle Payment App

The days of holding up the line while you rummage for exact change in the black hole that is your purse are over.

Sure, the shift towards debit and credit cards have already made payments and keeping track of your finances significantly easier, but technology is now making even carrying plastic unnecessary. In other words, you can leave your wallet home and rely on your phone to make everything cashless, from handling your cab fare to paying complicated restaurant tabs.

I’ve partnered with Circle to share my day of wallet-less transactions. Circle is an app that makes sending and receiving money as easy as sending an email or text… and just as personal. You can add an emoji, a llama GIF, or anything else that makes the interaction a little more you and a little less PLEASE REMIT PAYMENT. And the crazy thing is, there are no fees. ZERO. You can move money around between friends and family, and pay nothing extra for the pleasure (just like we did when when we all carried cash around).

Circle also allows you to send money from the US to the UK and it will automatically convert to pounds. Cheers. Bob’s your uncle. (More currencies are on the way, too.). Another cool feature: The ability to send money by SMS. Without leaving iMessage, you can use the app to send money to friends (see image below).

Circle iMessage

As I use apps to pay for things more and more, I can’t help but be concerned about security. I was relieved to hear that Circle offers bank-level security on multiple levels: They don’t store your credit card information, bank accounts, or passwords, they have 2-device verification (so they exchange is safe on both sides), and your money is FDIC-insured up to $250,000. That’s a lot of taco (see below).

When we first brainstormed this idea of leaving my wallet at home for a day, I was a bit skeptical that I could do everything I needed to do, cash-and-credit-card free. I was surprised at how well things ended up working out. Here’s how things went.


I dropped the kids off at school and was ready to be caffeinated. Swung by the closest Starbucks and used the Starbucks App to get a matcha latte. The app not only tracks frequent orders for rewards (Rewards!) but also lets you order and pay in advance so you can skip the line when you arrive. Sweet. 


Time to get in a mind-clearing, endorphin-boosting sweat session before sitting down at a desk. I book a nearby workout class—spinning, this time—using my ClassPass App, which lets me keep an unlimited monthly membership or a package of five to 10 classes ready. You can jump into a class in any of the cities they’re in, which is great for me when I’m traveling and in the mood for a little yoga or Barre-on-the-go.


Back home and showered, I’m surveying my refrigerator. It’s pretty sad. I place a quick grocery order using AmazonFresh before 10:00 a.m. so it’ll arrive in time for dinner. Sometimes I miss the window for a today delivery, in which case I might use Instacart to bring me what we need. 


After a productive business lunch with a potential client (tacos that I paid for with Apple Pay— my kind of client), I scan the receipt using Shoeboxed, which helps me easily organize receipts and expenses, instead of stuffing piles of paper into a bulging fold of your wallet (a strategy that often ends up in me forgetting what the receipt was for, which sucks at tax time). 

Circle payment App


I pick the kids up from school, and my son thoroughly enjoys scribbling his name into the dirt on my car door. Let’s just say, it’s been a while since I last had it cleaned. So when we pull in the driveway, I open my Washos app  and book a car wash for tomorrow afternoon, when a fully equipped detailer will come to my place to take care of it for me. (Note: This one’s currently only available in Los Angeles and Orange County, CA., but coming to more cities soon.)


My daughter’s tutor is concluding another successful session and I want to pay her for the week. Rather than go searching for a checkbook, I use Circle to send her money via a message that’s just like a text, complete with an apple emoji. It’s one step for me to send it, and one for her to move the money into her bank account. 


Dinner with the family (a homemade meal, no app required), and now that my husband’s home, I decide that after we’re done eating, I’m going to meet a few girlfriends for drinks. Hop in my Uber and get a ride to the bar. 


After some much needed squad-bonding time, my friend picks up the entire tab with her old-school credit card (how retro!) and I quickly use Circle to zap her my share of the bill. It’s fast and way less confusing than divvying up credit cards and cash, and the waiter loves us for making his job easy. Which is good news, because he’s kinda cute. He’s so impressed that he downloads Circle. It’s nice to see my no-wallet day good vibes are rubbing off.

Have you tried Circle, or other payment apps? Are there other situations in which it’s come in handy for you? Share with me in the comments, below! Thanks Circle for sponsoring this post. Sponsored posts like these help me keep the blog up and running, so thanks to all my readers who support (and download!) our sponsors!

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  1. This was a great article. It’s convenient. I tried to show this to my mom, but she still prefers to have her wallet with her. I need to buy a new one though, her wallet looks worn out. I look up some and buy her one of those leather wallets.

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