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Gadgets Dad Will Flip Over on KTLA

ray remote: Father's Day Tech

UPDATE: Well, so! My Father’s Day segment got bumped by Barack Obama’s address about the Orlando shootings. And rightly so. But we post-taped it, so it will air as a “Fun Summer Tech” segment some time in July (I’ll let you know!)… but it’s a great list of potential dad gifts, so have a look— many are available on Amazon Prime and you could have them before the weekend!

Angelenos: I’m on KTLA this morning with all kinds of fun gadgets for dad. I’ll post a video clip here when I have it. In the meantime, check out all the fun tech I featured in the segment, and be sure to check out my Father’s Day Gift List for even more ideas.

father's day gifts: Logi ZeroTouch

Logi ZeroTouch

If an Apple CarPlay or Android Auto system isn’t in your future, the Logi ZeroTouch is an innovative phone holder/speaker gives you many of the same features of a smart car. A simple hand wave awakens your phone, letting you hear incoming texts, compose them, and control things like the stereo and maps.

Father's Day Gifts: NativeUnion Apple Watch Charger

NativeUnion Apple Watch Charger

These. Apple Watch chargers. Are. Just. Gorgeous. And if dad doesn’t like it for his Apple Watch, you can steal it for yours. (For other gorgeous Apple Watch chargers, click here).

Father's Day Gifts: My Q

MyQ Garage Door Controller

No need for dad to replace the garage door opener to make it smart— this smart garage kit will retrofit hundreds of compatible doors to make them app-operable. Attach one sensor to the door, and the other piece to the motor. Then use the app to open or shut the door.


Ray Remote

It feels more like a smartphone, with Ray Remote’s touch screen and sleek design, but this brainy universal remote can control 1000s of AV devices, along with smart home stuff like your Nest Thermostat.


Father's Day Gifts: Anova

Anova Sous Vide Machine

Give dad the tools to become a Top Chef with Anova’s Precision Cooker— a sous-vide-for-home machine, which circulates water in a pot around dinner you place in a baggie. That seals in moisture, which means mouth-watering results every time.


Father's Day Gifts: Rachio


Your outdoor sprinkler system used to frustrate dad to no end— now he can operate the whole thing with an app. And if it rains? Rachio knows the weather, and will shut down the daily sprinkle, taking the burden off dad to man the water conservation.

Father's Day Gifts: Pancakebot

Pancake Bot

If Dad’s a bit nerdy and loves having fun in the kitchen, this 3D printer-meets-pancake maker will “print” pancakes in fantastical designs. The sky’s the limit, just add pancake batter, and get the syrup ready.

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