The most beautiful Apple Watch docks & chargers

Beautiful Apple Watch Docks

I’m sitting out the Apple Watch for now, but I have to be honest, it’s getting harder. For one, they came down in price a bit, and coveted finishes like rose and yellow gold that were only available to those who would spend ungodly sums to get a 18-karat gold Apple Watch Edition are now available in anodized aluminum… and they’re stunning. Plus, my son is wearing one now and he loves it, bringing the house count to two— I’m starting to feel left out.

While I continue to deliberate whether or not to wear one (again), there’s no doubt that I’ll want a beautiful, soft place for it to land (and charge) at the end of the day. So I rounded up some of the most beautiful Apple Watch docks and chargers available so that you can power up in style.
beautiful apple watch docks and chargers

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