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Amazon’s App Has X-Ray Vision (And Not In A Creepy Way)

Amazon Box

If you’ve ever ordered a bunch of stuff from Amazon and come home to a pile of boxes on the front porch (a common occurrence in my household), there’s something you should know about the retailer’s app: It can see inside your boxes so you know exactly what you’re about to unwrap.

The new Package X-Ray option is built into the Amazon iOS app camera function, which you probably already use to snap barcodes and pics of products you want to search. Use it to snap a photo of the barcode on each package you receive and Package X-Ray will list the contents of that particular box. It’s an especially handy tool if you’ve ordered items that are kid-sensitive or being directly gifted to someone else (just wrap the box and go). Worried about nosey neighbors getting scan-happy on your boxes? Thankfully, it only works with packages that are linked to your own account.

If you’re a first-time Amazon app user, you’ll be happy to find that it has a bunch of other perks, like the ability to create wedding and baby registries, track orders, and manage your 1-click and wish list preferences on the go. You’ll never Amazon from your computer again.

Have you come across any other apps that help you with packages? Tell me about it in the comments below.

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