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Labor Day Reading

labor day reading

I hope you’re enjoying a Rosé somewhere, squeezing the last moments out of summer before boots-and-sweaters season. We’re at the beach in this little Airbnb we’ve become regular renters of— we’re only about 40 minutes from our house but feel miles away. The ocean roars right up under our little apartment at night when the tide is high… it just changes my whole body chemistry. We initially had tons of plans with friends to come out and visit, but people flaked on us at the last minute… and secretly I’m kinda happy. Just the four of us, getting in the last board games, the last movie nights, and the last snuggles before summer.

Here’s a bit of fun reading (and shopping) you can do on your long weekend…

My girlfriend Stacie wrote about her self-imposed moritorium on posting pictures of her kids

Looking to dodge Hillary and Trump? Visit an escapist social network

If you’re fed up trying to balance work and life, read this

I may have to have these leggings…

… and this sports bra.

This thermostat can do your laundry

Use Venmo? Here are some dos and don’ts

I can’t even deal with how cute this sweater is… 

Is it me, or are you happy that “vacation photo season” on social media is over?!

A better way to get kids to put down screens than the beloved “2-minute warning”

For teenage girls, swimsuit season never ends


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