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Divorce Gets a Helpful Tech Upgrade

Laura Wasser: Divorce Online It's Over Easy

It’s 2018, and there really aren’t many processes you can’t complete online. Apply for a mortgage, request DNA testing, get a master’s degree, file your taxes, buy a car, get literally anything delivered,,, now, you can also get divorced.

It seems kind of crazy that no one’s done tapped this market, given that roughly 50 percent of marriages end in divorce, but I’m not surprised that celebrity divorce attorney Laura Wasser was the one to figure it out. (She also happens to be a friend and an inspiring #ladyboss). 

Laura Wasser: Divorce Online It's Over Easy

it’s over easy promo video | homepage video from It’s Over Easy on Vimeo.

“Divorce sucks,” Wasser says in a video introducing “It can be complicated and expensive.”

It makes sense. I mean, figuring out health insurance claims used to spending 45 minutes on hold before someone could explain a single charge to you, and now you can log in to your claims and check them against digital medical records in a snap. So why shouldn’t divorce get the same kind of logistical online makeover?

For couples that don’t even know where to start once the sh*t hits the fan, It’s Over Easy illustrates the process in a simple graph, making it look easier than a trip to the DMV. Then, it helps you through each stage of the process.

The main thing to know is that it’s only for uncontested divorce, which means you and your spouse have to totally agree to all terms regarding the division of community property and debts, child custody and co-parenting arrangements and support payments. If you disagree and need a lawyer to step in, this approach won’t work.

It's Over Easy: Divorce OnlineBut if you are consciously uncoupling and just want the process to be over with in as fast and simple a way as possible, It’s Over Easy guides you through with a user-friendly interface, helping you generate, organize, and file paperwork and providing tips and instructions along the way.

The pricing chart makes it easy to figure out how much your divorce is going to cost, and what forms you’ll need to fill out. Check boxes like, “I have kids,” “I have investment income,” or “I own a business” and you’ll see the price go up as things get more complicated, but the plans top out at around $3,300, and that includes a call with a real lawyer to walk you through the steps.

It's Over Easy: Divorce Online

That’s WAY cheaper than hiring lawyers to do everything bespoke.  Often lawyers are hired because that’s just what you do when you get divorced, hired out of fear, but they may not be necessary in all divorces, especially if technology can help automate things. 

No matter the reason for a divorce, it’s always going to be a tough, emotionally draining process. If you can take out some of the legal and logistical stress, the path forward might just be a little bit clearer for everyone involved.

Would you use an online service to file for divorce? Share your thoughts it the comments below!


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