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Back to life…

september routine

I have a confession: While I had the most wonderful summer — personally, professionally, all of it — it’s the end of August and I’m not crying in my popsicle about how summer is almost over.

On the contrary, I’m sorta dying for it to hurry up and be done, so September can kick in.

September is when my routine resumes. When I get back to getting my s*&t together and getting things done.

There’s something about summer that throws everything off— my regular workouts, my desire to tend to my task list, my ability to get a lot of (any) work done… it all goes out the window in the name of beach days, brunch, and doing exactly nothing all day (unless you count binge watching this and this, in which case I have been very busy).

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t crave routine so much that I can’t relax— my kids were gone for seven weeks this summer (!!), and my hubs and I savored the leisurely pace of our days together, sans kids.

I took some extra time for self care, and did some “very L.A.” explorations: I saw an Ayurvedic practitioner and a Shaman… both fascinating.

I threw myself into a mini remodel of my daughter’s room, whose serious tomboy phase warranted a purge of anything pink and pretty, replacing it with neutral tones, sports memorabilia, layered rugs, and lots of printed pictures of her squad.

Back to life… back to reality.

I’m ready for September. And while my school days are long over, I get a bit of school envy when my kids go back to school, with their too-white sneakers and their fresh notebooks waiting to be cracked open.

Most people make resolutions in January, but to me, September feels like it has the most possibilities. It’s when I start thinking big about myself and my business, start planning and goal setting. It’s when I want to learn new things and challenge myself. And it’s when I want to create new habits and feel like I might actually stick to them.

So, summer, I dig you. But it’s time to sunset our fling. I’ll see you next year, and by then, no doubt I’ll be a stressed-out, frayed mess ready for a slow down.

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