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Marty’s Favorite Things

In case you missed it, we got a puppy, his name is Marty and he’s a big, floppy Goldendoodle that has grown to be MUCH larger than we expected! Every gigantic inch of inch of his very furry body has brought us so much joy— he is ALWAYS smiling and making us laugh with his […]

Dog supplies

In case you missed it, we got a puppy, his name is Marty and he’s a big, floppy Goldendoodle that has grown to be MUCH larger than we expected! Every gigantic inch of inch of his very furry body has brought us so much joy— he is ALWAYS smiling and making us laugh with his long goofy legs and his boisterous prancing around the house.

In case you were wondering, Jenny Knobloch is still very much alive… she’s just getting older, and a bit more cranky in her ways.  Not as easy to get in front of the camera, and a bit more in the background— she spends most of the day sleeping, and less time cuddling on the couch with us.

Marty, however, is front and center. and requires a ton of attention, and STUFF to keep him busy, fed, protected, comfortable and growing. And while he sadly missed the Oprah era, he definitely likes to make known his favorite things. Here’s a few of them so far:


Think of Chewy as the Amazon for pets. It has everything you could possibly need—food, toys, a pharmacy—and over 1000 trusted brands to choose from. Not only that, if you spend more than $49, you can get everything shipped for free for arrival in 1 to 2 days. There’s even a 100 percent satisfaction guarantee, so if you try something out, but your dog doesn’t love it, you can return it and get your money back, no questions asked. Marty’s crate, training leash and favorite toys all come from Chewy, and his dog food and snacks are on a subscription order, so I never run out.

Visit the site

Whistle Fitness Tracker for Dogs


I couldn’t imagine losing this dog, in fact, I frequently have nightmares about it. But I don’t have to worry if he’s wearing his Whistle: This location tracker uses a combination of GPS technology and cellular to quickly (and accurately) locate your pet in seconds should they go MIA. (It also works up to 3000 miles away.) You can activate safe places—say, your back yard—and set up the app to ping you via text should your dog go out of range. (did a whole blog post about it’s activity tracker features here).

Buy it here

Zippy paws Hedgehog den: Shopping with Marty

ZippyPaws Burrow & Hedgehog Den

This is his absolute favorite toy, and he carries these little hedgehogs all around the house… sometimes all three are in his mouth and come spilling out when you least expect it! We call them his “babies” and there are always underfoot. All we have to do is stuff them into their den and he’ll remove them over and over. Every now and then he kills one (stuffing everywhere, quite a sad sight), which is why it’s great news that they sell refills separately! the animal kingdom is a cruel place…

Buy here | Buy refills here

Wild One: Shopping with Marty

Wild One Dog Accessories

Wild One is knocking my socks off with their amazing color palate of dog accessories… from poop bags to collars to carriers, everything can be coordinated in a monochrome or color blocking story. I’ll be in NYC later this month and I’m dying to see all these in person.

Buy here

Cloud 7 Dog Bed: Shopping with Marty

Cloud 7 Dog Bed

Still waiting for Marty to finish growing, and then I think I’m going to get BOTH dogs a new bed like this one from For the Furry’s amazing website. It looks soft and squishy, and is in a color I’d be happy to have in my family room.

Buy here

Global Dog

This free app gives your pup instant access to a social network of dog lovers (and parents) around the world, but also locally. This means you can join groups, ask questions, discover dog-friendly places or just scroll through a slew of cute puppy pics all in one place. There’s even an adopt/foster feature that allows you to find dogs up for adoption near you.

Marty Shopping

Get the app

Max Bone Porcelain Bowls: Shopping with MartyMax Bone Porcelain Bowls

I bought Marty some plain stainless steel bowls when he first came to live with us, but now I’m wanting to upgrade to these speckly bad boys from Max Bone… he’s eating a ton of food, so it might be a good investment… his stainless steel bowls are already getting too small!

Buy here

The Farmer's Dog: Marty's Favorite Things

 The Farmer’s Dog

For a well-balanced meal, I turn to Sweetgreen. But for your pets, check out the bespoke fresh food from The Farmer’s Dog. A lengthly questionnaire that factors in your pets weight, breed, activity level and more yields a recipe made just for them. They they make it fresh, freeze it, and deliver it to your doorstep so that your dog can consume it when it tastes it’s best. While we settled on a dry food for Marty (he eats so much of it!), we tried this for Jenny when she needed to lose a bit of weight and it worked well— and she loved every bite. It starts at less than $3 a day: With that, you’ll get a meal plan that prioritizes natural nutrients and less processing.

Try it here

Petcube Bites: Marty's Favorite Things

Petcube Bites

This genius pet camera helps you keep an eye on Fido even when you can’t be there. Using a combination of 1080p HD video and night vision, this camera offers a crisp picture (plus, zoom) to show exactly what your pet is up to at all times. It also comes with two-way audio and the ability to fling delicious dog treats at varying distances whenever you want.

Buy it here


Another hero in the war on “doggie fast food”, Pupford offers your puppy a range of nutritious and high quality dehydrated dog food. What’s dehydrated dog food you may be wondering? It’s when the water or moisture is removed from a food product so that it lasts longer without going bad. And the benefits of feeding this kind of food to your pup? When your dog eats better, they feel better. We haven’t tried the dog food yet, but Marty’s been taking their vet-formulated joint supplement for puppies, and his long gangly legs seem to be springier for it.

Buy it here

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