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3 Pet Tech Products I’m Rolling Over For

PetCube Play: Pet Tech

If you’re a pet owner, you know that a pet isn’t just a pet— they’re part of your family. You likely have a framed photo of your pet somewhere in your house. If you could set a place for your pet at the dinner table, you probably would (and I have it on good authority that some of you do). 

So, if you’re sporting a Fitbit and slipping sensors into your shoes, it makes sense that your pets wouldn’t be far behind in the technology category. There are countless pet tech products on the market to help keep your pets safe and healthy. Currently, I’m rolling over for these 3 pet tech products, and I know you— and your fur baby— will, too.

Pet Cube: Pet Tech

Petcube Play

Pet parents can have a difficult time leaving their pets at home. You might worry that your pet is upset with you, that they’ll be lonely, that they’re confused by your absence. But with the Pet Cube Play, your pet will barely even know you’re gone. Plus, you’ll rest easy knowing you can check in on your pet while you’re away.

The Pet Cube Play is an interactive camera that lets you talk to, watch, and even play with your pet – all from your smartphone. A certified-safe laser toy allows you to play with your pet, a two-way audio talk feature let’s you talk to and actually hear your pet, and a video camera helps you monitor their behavior. Help keep your pet entertained, out of trouble, and most importantly, safe at all times.

Kyon Collar: Pet Tech

Kyon Collar

Dog parents out there know that no matter how well you’ve trained your pup, there’s always the chance of an unexpected escape or excursion. One door slightly ajar, and all of a sudden, your well-trained pet has taken off running. If your pet is a part of your family, the last thing you want is to risk never seeing them again after a brief runaway.

Fasten the Kyon Collar around your furry friend, and you’ll never have to worry about this again. Using GPS technology, the collar can communicate your pet’s exact location within seconds. Other features include the ability to gently silence dog barking with the push of a button (without harming your loved one, of course), plus technology that can sense and communicate your pet’s mood and body temperature.

Whistle: Pet Tech

Whistle 3

If you’re looking for comprehensive and accurate location technology, the newly-designed Whistle 3 is the device you need for your dog or cat. Whistle 3 offers the most advanced and accurate pet tracking by combining three different types of technology: GPS, Wifi, and cellular. No matter where your pet has run off to or where they might be hiding, Whistle 3 will have your back.

Whistle 3 can also function like a pet fitness tracker. Set specific goals, monitor activity and rest, and track progress, all from your smartphone. You can even set up a safe space for your pet: Once your dog or cat leaves an established area, you’ll get a smartphone alert before they get too far away. Best of all: Whistle 3 is designed to easily attach to your pet’s collar without discomfort, so your best friend can stay your best friend.

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