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Whirlpool’s CES Innovations are Changing the Cooking and Cleaning Game

Whirlpool’s new innovations

The following post was created in partnership with Whirlpool. All opinions are my own. 

During my trip to CES earlier this month, I spent some time with Whirlpool at their booth, which was set up to look like several kitchen and laundry areas, so their latest innovations could be admired. As I toured the booth, I found myself thinking of my own kitchen and laundry room— places often devoid of inspiration, places for the mundane house chores to be completed— washing, stain-removal, wracking my brain for dinner inspiration. Sometimes I truly love cooking (certainly more than I do laundry), but let’s be honest, sometimes it’s a grind.

Imagine my surprise, then, when Whirlpool’s appliances came to life— not just a washer, a dryer, an oven, a refrigerator… but an entire ecosystem meant to make home chores easier and more efficient.  Thanks to some smart focus areas (like making it easy to find recipes that use things you already have in your kitchen, or not having to move your sopping wet clothes from a washer to a dryer— yes!), Whirlpool’s new innovations give you smarter ways to care for your family. 

Here are a few examples I made note of:

A Fingerprint Resistant Finish

Stainless steel has long been in fashion when it comes to appliances. But I’m not sure there’s anything worse than walking into my kitchen and seeing the fingerprint smudges on my fridge that are synonymous with kid use. (I mean, is it necessary to put your full palm on the door when they’re in search of snacks?!) Whirlpool’s appliance finishes— a gorgeous Black Stainless Steel and Sunset Bronze, a versatile finish with warm, gold undertones — are fingerprint-resistant to resist smudges left behind by messy hands.

A Smart All-in-One Washer and Dryer

Ah, the glory of not having to transfer the load! This new  All-in-One Washer and ryer from Whirlpool makes that possible—not to mention, it’s a serious space-saver, too. Simply add your clothes, select the Wash and Dry setting, and take them out all nice and dry. But here’s where it becomes even smarter: Not only do you have app control, meaning you can start and stop the load from your phone (the Apple Watch integration is convenient too)* using Load & Go™ Bulk Dispensing, you can also preload the unit with enough detergent to handle multiple loads without refilling.

*Wifi & App required. Features subject to change.  For details and privacy statement, visit

An Answer to ‘What’s for Dinner?’

It’s the question I dread the most—and it comes at me once a day. Whirlpool recently acquired the personalized recipe recommendation database Yummly. With Yummly you can easily sort by your preferences (likes, dislikes, and dietary restrictions included). And coming soon, once you select from a selection of guided recipes, Yummly will be able to send the cooking instructions straight to your Whirlpool® Smart Range, including preheating the oven to temperature and setting the cooking timer.**

If you need to flip something over? Yummly will send you an alert. f you need to set to broil for 2 minutes at the end? Yummly will adjust the cooking temperature on the Whirlpool® Smart Range without even having to lift a finger! Yummly will even notify you on your smartphone or tablet when your cook time is complete and give you the option to Keep Warm so you don’t have to interrupt life’s little moments.

** Appliance must be set to remote enable.  Wifi & App required. Features subject to change.  For details and privacy statement, visit

More about the Yummly App

 This acquisition of Yummly by Whirlpool is kind of a big deal: Mainly because it gives you access to over two million recipes pulled from all over the Internet to help you plot out your meals. But before you feel overwhelmed, the app actually allows you to personalize the recipe options based on your preferences—everything from ingredient likes and dislikes, dietary preferences, food allergies and more. Based on that, Yummly will only show you the recipes that work for you and your family… and the more you use it, the further customized it will be to what your family cooks, and what they turn up their noses at.

In an effort to help you be even more efficient at mealtime, the app allows you to filter recipes by time (for those moments you only have 20 minutes to whip up something great) and add them to your calendar in advance (hello, meal planning). The app even extracts the ingredients into a shopping list, so you don’t have to comb through and highlight everything you need to buy.

Which one of these innovations would make YOUR life easier? Do you especially love (or loathe?) cooking or cleaning? Let me know in the comments.

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