Glamping with a capital “G”


Unless you live in the warmer climes, camping season is over… but I’m dreaming of sleeping under the stars in this über-glamping getup from CasaBubble.

In the category of outlandish-but-dreamy, the BubbleRoom by CasaBubble is for those who would prefer to experience the great outdoors without roughing it in the slightest. Created by two French designers, this très chic creation looks a little like a giant beach ball with partly opaque walls for privacy, and goes way beyond what a tent can do: it works as a guest room, a play place, or even a small outdoor event space. Even better, the air inside is filtered, so it’s cleaner in the bubble than it is outside it. A super quiet pump keeps it inflated, and it’s energy efficient— it would cost you only $100 to keep it running for an entire year. That’s the good news. The tent itself will cost you about ten thousand dollars (sigh).


Could you see this in place of a kid’s playroom or guest house? Would make for one heck of a sleepover.

See me and the big bubble in a DIY Network video, here.

See the whole collection of bubbles here.

How would you furnish a giant bubble? Tell me in the comments!

1 comment on “Glamping with a capital “G””

  1. My first thought was to put my kids in this with the Disney channel playing. It is sound-proof, right?

    If it’s for me: It ought to have Wi-Fi and snacks. A power source and comfy couch. Did I mention snacks?

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