Chatty Botanical: Plant Maintenance Sensor

Plant communicator

Plants are supposed to relax you and make it easier to breathe… but keeping them alive kinda stresses me out. Thankfully I bumped into a device that can talk to my plants, so I know exactly what they need.

The Plant Maintenance Sensor by Moneual is basically a plant communicator: it gives your plants a way to speak up and let you know if they’re thirsty, or getting too little or too much sun! (Sorry, vegetarians, but after you see this, you might not look at greens┬áthe same way.)

I got a preview at CES last year, and you won’t believe what it can do. Not only will it allow your plant to greet you with messages on its digital screen, but you’ll actually be able to text with your plant, so your potted friend can tell you how it’s feeling. No more guessing whether you’re over- or underwatering when your plant can tell you, itself. And plant sitters, look out: if you’re not doing your job, plants can now snitch.

See me and the sensor in action in this short video from DIY Network.

So go on, talk to your plants. And don’t be surprised if they start talking back.

Would you like one of these for your garden? Tell me in the comments!

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