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iCloud hack: 5 tips to avoid being next

Jennifer Lawrence iCloud Hack

If you’re still weirded out over the recent iCloud hack, in which hundreds of celebrities’ private photos were stolen and laid bare for the world to see, you’re not alone. Even though the news media has moved on to other matters, I still have that haunting feeling that if it can happen to Jennifer Lawrence, it could happen to me. 

Though the causes of the security breach are still being debated, and many believe it was a target attack on highly-sought-after famous people pics, it’s important for all of us to protect ourselves as well as possible. After all, nude selfies might be the least of what’s at risk; many of us use cloud storage to back up financial data, social security information and other highly sensitive documents.

There’s much you can do to safeguard your stuff in The Cloud, from generating a powerful password to understanding how Apple’s Photo Stream works, and learning to delete or disable Cloud backups, if you choose. I’ve written up five easy steps you can follow to protect yourself against an iCloud hack, here at DIY Network’s blog, Made + Remade. Every one is actionable right now, so you can start feeling more secure right away.

Check out the story here.

Did you make changes after the iCloud breach? Let me know in the comments!

Photo source: Getty Images

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