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The Easiest Smart Lock You’ll Ever Install

schlage encode smart wifi deadbolt

This post was written in partnership with Schlage.

I saw a lot of impressive technology at CES 2019, but when it comes to home security, the Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt really stood out as a game-changer in the smart home space. Schlage has been a leader in the lock business since the 1920s so that’s something to feel good about. But it’s not the only feature that caught my eye.

Many people I speak to find smart locks intimidating: They feel they’re too complicated to install and use. To me, the smart lock is one of the most compelling smart home products to get, because of the security and convenience it brings. So, to me, the best smart lock is the one that will win those people over: It works to keep your home safe (obvi!), but also one that’s a cinch to install and easy to manage.

Schlage’s Encode Smart Lock checks all those boxes.

Best part: This lock is pretty. There are modern and traditional styles, so it blends in with the aesthetic of almost any home (I’m a fan of the Camelot Trim with the Aged Bronze finish myself). Many smart locks are clunky and look like no one thought much about the interior appeal. Schlage Encode is one of the rare smart locks that looks great on both sides of your front door.

Now back to the install: Schlage Encode features built-in WiFi connectivity. That means that connecting it to your home’s Wifi is as easy as connecting a laptop or a tablet, no hub or complicated setup required. The deadbolt itself is also easy to install, so after you attach it to your door and connect it to your network, you just download the app and you’re set to manage your lock remotely. (In early March, Schlage Encode will be available for retail and can work with the Key by Amazon or Schlage Home app.)

I live and breathe smart home stuff all day long, but I know for some this kind of stuff is prohibitively intimidating. The more companies can do to eliminate the barriers and ease consumers into the smart home world by making things familiar (and pretty!), the better. The Schlage Encode Smart WiFi Deadbolt allows users to manage access to their home directly through their smartphone. Other fabulous features include: being able to lock/unlock the door remotely (for, say, an housekeeper or a dog walker), giving your whole family keyless entry, or using your voice to lock the door when you’re snug in bed at the end of the day (uhh, Alexa, lock the door). No more hiding keys under the mat either, which is a huge safety no-no.

The bottom line: In 2019, my mantra is this: Share Technology That’s Easy To Use and High Value. The Schlage Encode has all that on lock.

Do you have a smart lock? Interested in getting one? Let me know in the comments.

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