Stylish Bookshelf Bluetooth Speakers

bluetooth speakers

As speakers shed their wires and become more comely, it only makes sense to perch them on a bookshelf like the objet that they have become. So this week, on Apartment Therapy, I show off some of the most beautiful (and stylish) Bluetooth speakers, that sound as good as they look.

In the early days of the gramophone—a piece of audio equipment that was both visually and sonically stimulating—great sound and good looks were equal priorities, since the sheer size of it made it more like a piece of furniture than an accessory. Size is no longer a concern, but that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t lean toward a timeless, beautifully crafted piece that fits well with the rest of our decor, just as beautiful to look at as any objet we’d place on a coffee table. I went on a hunt for Bluetooth speakers that sounded great and would be a welcome addition to my bookcase or coffee table. Some are cost-prohibitive to be sure, but all are uncompromising in sound and design.

bluetooth speakers Beoplay A6

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