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Smart kitchen appliances that look like the future

smart kitchen gadgets: Hestan Cue

Sure, the KitchenAid mixer—in its rainbow hue of colors—has long been the pretty and functional item we’ve had to have on our countertops. But new kitchen tech is making it so that’s not the only sleek and useful culinary tool worth splurging on. Here, four new smart kitchen appliances that will have your kitchen feeling very futuristic.

smart kitchen gadgets: Plum Wine

Plum Wine ($1999)

As much as you’d like to finish every bottle of wine you open, there are nights where all you want is a glass or two—max. But there’s nothing worse (or more wasteful) than pouring the remainder of the bottle down the sink two days later after it’s gone bad. Plum Wine is a countertop appliance designed to solve all that by identifying, chilling, preserving and serving up to two different bottles dispensed from dual spouts at a time. (Any standard 750 ml bottle you’ve been saving in your wine fridge will fit.) Simply pop the bottle—red, white, rosé—inside and wait for the device to read the label to calculate the optimal temperature at which to serve your glass. A needle will then pierce through the foil and closure (metal screw caps included) and extract your wine, injecting argon gas safely and simultaneously to prevent oxidation. The result? Enjoying that particular bottle on tap on demand.

Buy it here

smart kitchen gadgets: Brew Chime Chai Tea

Chime ($199)

Coffee lovers tend to get all the gear…until now. Chime is geared toward the tea drinker—and more specifically, the chai drinker, craving an easy-to-create brew at home. Think of this appliance as the Keurig for chai: All you do is insert a chai “cap” and fill one canister with water, the other with milk or milk substitute. After, you can use the digital screen (or accompanying smartphone app) to adjust for things like brew strength and milk frothiness in order to create the perfect cup of chai in whatever size you prefer. Right now, there are five flavor options to choose from, each one sourced and packed in India to maintain quality and authenticity. Not bad.

Buy it here

smart kitchen gadgets: Else OliverOliver (Price TBD)

Compartmentalized, design-friendly cooking at its finest. Oliver—a culinary device from Else—is a digital take on the one-pot dinner (or breakfast or lunch). To use it, you’ll need to first select a recipe from the corresponding app, handle the prep (things like chopping or measuring, depending on the dish you’re making), then load each ingredient in the appropriate canister as laid out by the instructions. When everything is in place, Oliver will drop the canisters into the main “pot” based on the recipe you’ve chosen and it will cook from there. Think chicken pot pie, where the chicken isn’t mushy and the potatoes aren’t overdone… every element of the dish is cooked individually, and to perfection. Plus, yhe entire meal is controllable from your smartphone, so you can keep tabs on how dinner is coming along when you’re not in the kitchen.

Learn More here

smart kitchen gadgets: Hestan Cue

Hestan Cue ($500)

Hestan Cue’s smart induction burner and cookware makes it a breeze to cook with confidence, no matter what dish you’re aiming to create. Drawing from hundreds of video-guided recipes from Michelin-starred chefs, all you do is choose what you want to make in the Hestan Cue app, then start cooking. The app pairs with the induction burner and 11-inch smart frypan via Bluetooth to automatically control the exact timing and temp required to achieve culinary perfection every time. Not only that, the video tips and tricks will help you build your skillset, so you’re becoming a more intuitive chef with every smartphone tap.

Buy it here


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