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Meet Burrow, the Casper of Couches

Burrow Sofa

It’s hard to forget the Friends episode where Ross decides to forgo the couch delivery fee and handle bringing home his brand-new—and super unwieldy—sofa himself. “Pivot! Pi-votttt!” he shouts as his couch gets tightly stuck in the hallway stairs.

Before you find yourself in a equally comical situation, you need to know about Burrow, a new direct-to-consumer luxury furniture brand with a couch that gets flat-packed into between two and five manageable boxes (handles included), so moving it doesn’t present a problem. Better yet, it can be assembled in less time than it takes to watch a 90’s sitcom episode.

Sounds a bit Casper-esque? That’s because it is. The chic and modern design is as easy to order as it is to get up a third-floor walk-up because the couch can be built in and taken apart in right inside the room it’s going to reside in—no tools required. That also means you can relocate it on a whim.

Burrow Sofa Burrow Sofa

How it works

Start here, and pick out the number of sections that you want, the color, and whether you want high or low arms (I chose high). The price varies based on the number of sections that you decide to buy, but it starts at $550 and caps out at $1150, which puts it in the same zone as other modern furniture sofas from sites like West Elm or CB2. There are five color options available—ranging from crushed gravel to brick red, and the fabric is stain-resistant (AKA Life-proof) and chemical-free, which is something I’m a lot more concerned about these days.

The couch is modular: You could order a three-seater today, then later upgrade to a four-seater or downgrade to a two-seater by snapping on or off extra pieces. We actually put this together in our living room while our larger couch was being reupholstered, and then moved it into a smaller room a month later. When it didn’t fit around the corner? No need to turn it on its side, or bang up my door threshold: I just temporarily snapped a piece off, moved it into the room, then snapped it back together. #couchtricks

Burrow Sofa: Putting it together Burrow Sofa: Putting it together Burrow Sofa: Putting it togetherBurrow Sofa: Putting it togetherSetting up our three-seater took my husband and I—I’m not joking— 20 minutes, and no tools were required. The website says 10-minute assembly, but I don’t think they count the time it takes to unpack the boxes, lay everything out, dispose of the boxes from your living room, and then review the instruction card for a minute. No brute strength was needed: I only involved my husband to help me carry the four large boxes into our living room— they’re not too heavy but easier to carry with someone else. Oh, and because I like hanging out with him and it was fun to figure out the assembly together.

Bizarre date night activity? Perhaps. But with our busy schedules, I’ll take it.

Bonus feature: A built-in outlet and USB charger concealed just beneath the seat. So if you cover a precious wall outlet with your couch, it brings the power up to just below your feet. Couch, can you read minds?!

Burrow Sofa

Burrow Sofa


The only downside I can think of is all the cardboard and packaging waste that comes with it. Buying more and more online, that necessary evil is starting to weigh on my conscience these days. Also, most people I know want to sit on a couch before they pull the trigger— if you’re not near one of their growing list of showrooms, you’ll just have to take a leap of faith and click “Checkout”. That said, you have 30 days to try it, and you can return it if you’re not in love.

I can assure you, that the foam cushions are quite comfy (again, think Casper), but the couch look and feel is much more clean lines/tidy/modern than sink-in/squishy/Shabby Chic.

A perfect spot to settle in for a Friends marathon, and marvel at how Ross and Rachel managed to live life before Netflix, Hulu or YouTube.

Can you imagine? 

Thanks Burrow, for furnishing a couch for this post. As always, all opinions are my own.

What do you think of Burrow? Do you have a Friends-style couch-moving horror story? Let me know in the comments? 

Photos by Bree McCool

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