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Hang pictures perfectly with this hidden iPhone feature

high tech guest room

No, this is not about a “secret level” in the video game sense of the term, it’s about an actual secret level.

You know, the kind of level that helps you hang pictures on the wall so that you don’t have to tilt your head to look at them? Or put up shelves that your plants, frames, and candles don’t slide off of?

I recently profiled an incredibly cool tool that helps you hang pictures in complex configurations by calculating all the measurements for you, but did you know that there’s a hidden level right inside your iPhone? It works really well (way better, in fact, than asking your husband, “Is it straight?!” over and over), but for some reason it’s supper hidden within iOS7.

So, I figured I’d help you find it now, so that next time you come home with a ton of Ikea furniture, you’re at least one step ahead of going crazy during assembly. (Keep your Headspace meditation app handy, though, anyway.)

high tech guest room

How to find and use the level

First of all, you may see the iPhone level referred to as a “bubble” or “spirit” level in various places. These are just alternate terms for a regular old level, AKA “that thing that you hold up to see if something is actually level.”

To find it in iOS 7:

  1. Open the Compass app.
  2. You’ll see two dots at the bottom of the screen, indicating a second page. Swipe to get to that next page, and you’ll find the level.
  3. Hold the phone vertically or horizontally depending on what you’re measuring, and a number in the center will indicate how many degrees away from being level you are.
  4. When it’s perfectly level, the screen will turn green.

That’s it. Now you officially have no more excuses to put off hanging that painting that’s been leaning against the wall for months. (Team Android, here’s a level for you too).

Have you discovered any other cool, useful features in iOS 7 that aren’t immediately obvious? Share them with us, in the comments, below!

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