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A Surefire Way To Choose the Right Smart Thermostat

ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat

This post is sponsored by ENERGY STAR. All opinions are my own.

When temperatures drop outside, it makes us all want to cozy up inside. And while it feels good to get the house all toasty, all that heating can wreak havoc on your energy bill. Summer air conditioning? Same. As if that wasn’t bad enough, what’s bad for your bill is also bad for the planet, which is why ENERGY STAR is the trusted symbol you want to look for to help you choose a thermostat that can help in both areas.

The good news is that you’re probably already familiar with the symbol: The trusted blue ENERGY STAR label— a government-backed emblem of energy efficiency—already appears on so many different products, like refrigerators and washing machines. But did you know that you can also find the ENERGY STAR certification on smart thermostats?

Smart thermostats have conveniences that people love, like remote control from an app on your phone, and the ability to easily set heating and cooling schedules. But not all smart thermostats get the ENERGY STAR seal of approval. Only those products that have been tested by an independent 3rd party can prove that they will save significant energy, while maintaining a comfy home and benefit the environment.

Choosing wisely can really payoff: The average American household actually spends more than $900 a year heating and cooling their homes— AKA almost half their annual energy bill. Investing in an ENERGY STAR-certified smart thermostat can save you hundreds of dollars over the course of your device’s lifetime.

Here are a few examples of ENERGY STAR-certified models and their extra-fabulous features:

ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat

The Nest E has all the brains of the original Nest learning thermostat at a lower price.  It can learn your temperature preferences and your schedule, automatically adjusting to energy-saving temperatures when you’re asleep or away. Plus, remotely controlling your thermostat from an app on your smartphone lets you fire up the heat on the way home from a winter vacation, so you can arrive to a toasty home without having to heat it the whole time you’re away. There’s even a gorgeous frosted display, so the device blends right in with the aesthetic and décor of your home.

ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat

The Ecobee 4 features sensors that can be placed around the home, which help you adjust the climate control accordingly so you don’t end up blasting rooms you’re not using. There’s also a voice control option (hello, Alexa!), which makes it easy to adjust the temperature even if you don’t feel like getting off the couch. “Alexa, set the thermostat to 72 degrees!” You can also use an app on your iOS or Android devices if you prefer. With the Ecobee 4, you’ll save an average of 23% annually on your heating and cooling costs. Not only that, it seamlessly syncs with humidifiers, dehumidifiers and ventilators so you have full control over the air quality in your home, too.

ENERGY STAR Smart Thermostat

The Emerson Sensi thermostat also has voice control, and it plays nicely with Alexa, Google Assistant, Apple Home Kit and Wink, so you don’t have to choose sides to enjoy the feature. It features an HD touchscreen color display with easy-to-read temperatures and a handsome backglow for nighttime viewing. Geofencing technology lets the thermostat know when you leave the house, allowing it to go into energy-saving mode when you’re gone for the day.

As far as purchasing decisions go, this one is a simple one. Buying an Energy Star-Certified Smart Thermostat is almost like getting an endorsement from your money smart, planet-loving, tech-savvy friend.

So, what to do you think? Is this the year you’re going to go smart…and save?





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