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Could this one home upgrade change your life?

GE Light the way you life

This post was written in partnership with GE. All thoughts are my own. 

You’ve got a smart thermostat, use gadgets to help you grow veggies and cook well, and have arranged the furniture for perfect Feng Shui.

The missing piece of how your home is enabling the lifestyle you want? Lighting.

Retailers know the right lighting has been proven to boost sales, and restauranteurs know that changing the lighting can affect how much food someone eats, and how much they enjoy their experience. Weirdly then, when it comes to our homes, most of us tend to take lighting for granted, flipping a switch to whatever overhead fixture came with the house and grabbing any old bulb at the hardware store.

But the right lighting can seriously upgrade your home (and overall) life. Your mood, your productivity, your ability to get a good night’s sleep… they can all be transformed by the right light.

Enter GE’s C by GE line. When GE says they make “lights for the way we live,” they mean it— each product is super smart, simple to use, and makes it easy to manipulate light to meet your unique needs throughout the day. Think lighting that integrates with Alexa or Google for voice-control, and bulbs that work with your natural circadian cycle to improve your sleep.

I got to see all of GE’s C by GE products working together at CES, some brand-new and just-announced. It’s clear they’re making good on the promise of home lighting that truly makes life better in every room of the house. Here are a few new members of their lighting family:

GE Sol Light The Way You LiveGE Sol. You’ve never seen a lamp quite like this. Show-stopping circular design, with modes to both help brighten your day and wind you down for sleep, this lamp would be pretty smart if that’s all it was. But with Amazon Alexa integrated, your lamp can now tell you the news, the weather, order your dinner and access more than 20,000 Alexa skills, plus control all Alexa-compatible products in your home . This lamp isn’t brand-new at CES, but integrations with Spotify and SiriusXM are— music to my ears.

GE Ceiling Fixture Light the way you liveSmart Ceiling Fixture. Love the idea that smart bulbs and voice assistants don’t have to take up counter space. This ceiling fixture also has a built-in speaker, so you can ask it what the weather is, tell it to dim the lights, or play a little Sam Smith, all without getting off the couch.

GE Smart Switch Light the way you liveSmart Wall Switch. Smart bulbs are great, but if someone inadvertently flips the light switch, they drop off your system. A smart switch solves the problem (hooray!), and this one does more than keep the lights on: it’s voice-compatible, which means you can control any bulb with your favorite voice assistant, plus it has occupancy, humidity and temperature sensors to help you monitor your rooms in real-time to make any room feel more comfortable.

Room by room these products help you live better. Here is a breakdown of how they impact each room.

Living Room

Living Room: GE Light the way you lifePicture a fun movie night with the family: You dim your C by GE lights to soft white for optimal screen viewing. 30 minutes before the film’s over, they dim a little more to prep you for bedtime. When everyone has left for bed, occupancy sensors make sure everything’s automatically shut off. I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.


GE Light for the way you lifeIn the kitchen, C by GE’s ceiling fixture doesn’t only provide adjustable light levels, it also boasts built-in speakers so you can blast AJR while chopping and sautéing. The light switches are smart too: measuring occupancy, humidity and temperature to create the optimal environment when you’re in the space. And the lightbulbs are ready to provide optimal light for whatever you’re doing: Bright white for slicing your flank steak, soft white for dinner conversation. Oh, and the same bulbs will help wake you up in the AM while you brew your morning java.


GE Light for the way you lifeAt the end of the day, you want to unwind, and the beautiful and sculptural GE Sol has got your back—warm PM light will make it easier to fall asleep. Sol displays the time subtly with red and blue lights (no garish numbers) and you can ask Alexa to turn off the lights before bed, and set a morning alarm.  In the morning, ask Alexa to read you today’s headlines and shift the lights to AM mode for bright mood-boosting lights that will help you jump out of bed.

Have you been contemplating smart lighting for your home? What’s your favorite feature? Let me know in the comments.

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